How I Found My Passion For Caregiving

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Senior and young holding hands|How I Found My Passion For Caregiving

Caregiving In the Beginning

I started my caregiving at a young age. My father was a Seaman and my mother was always sick.   So, I had to grow up and assume the responsibilities of the household and become a caregiver. I cooked, cleaned, cared for my mother, paid all household bills and cared for my sister at the age of 10.

My Dream had Started

When I turned 14 and my father was home more. I started to volunteer at the local hospital as a candy striper and a caregiver. I would read to patients, assist with meals, sit with them when there was no family member around. This is when I realized that I wanted to be in the caregiving industry.

There was one patient in particular that was in and out of the hospital with congestive heart failure.   Her name was Ms. May.  I would sit in her room and she would ask me to comb her hair.  I would also, wipe her face with a warm washcloth and read true romance magazines to her.

Learning was Emotional and Rewarding

Several weeks later she had passed away and that was my first encounter with death.  I was sad.  But when her daughter came to me and said that I was the best caregiver.   And I made her mother’s final day the best she had in a long time.

She also, told me that Ms. May wanted me to have a bottle of Jenna Tae.  I told her that I was not allowed to accept gifts and she insisted, that it was her mother’s final wish. Well, the bottle was about 3 feet tall; the biggest bottle of perfume I had ever seen.

Education and Experience

After that, I decided that I wanted to be in the caregiving field. I continued to work as a candy striper until I graduated high school.   Then I went to Nunez Community College for Medical Administration/Secretarial.

Upon graduating, I went to work for Humana Hospital.  I worked in almost every department of the hospital.  I then started working for a home health agency.  And ran the company as an administrative assistant for 7 years.  I was in charge of all daily operations of the agency.  We cared for many patients with many illnesses.

I then opened up my own caregiving company in 2000.   And cared for over 150 patients with 26 amazing employees until 2012.  I cared for clients with a multitude of illnesses.

Holding hands|How I found my passion for caregiving



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