How To Give Respect And Privacy While Providing TLC

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Multiple seniors|How To Give Respect And Privacy While Providing TLC


Growing Old

Respectively, old age is that phase of senior’s life. Where our loved ones face the agony of diseases. And the distress and suffering associated in case they survive an accidental fall. The care that they deserve after discharge from a facility is essential. The care provided during this critical phase is important. And caregivers should also respect the privacy and dignity of our loved ones. While providing tender, love, and care (TLC).

Process of Caregiving

The process of caregiving should come from our heart. And the care should be selfless, extending all the care for our seniors. When our loved one is sick. Our focus tends to shift towards the sick member of the family. With the determination to get them back to their normal life. All we want is to make them comfortable and keep stress away. Giving tender love care to our loved ones to maintaining their privacy is essential. Here are the 3 most important features of.

Tender Loving Care (TLC):

• Tender – You need to tend to your loved ones as you would want to be. You need to be kind as well considerate at the same time. You also need to have qualities of kindness. And you need to be affectionate and friendly while rendering care to your loved ones. A smile is the most powerful weapon. If you wish to make the entire caregiving process soothing, lovable and comfortable.
• Loving – In this case, loving implies. That you are sincere and genuine while giving caregiving services.
• Care – A caring attitude is the one, that our loved ones will always look for. People with a caring heart are the best ones to provide caregiving.


Also, to the above-mentioned qualities which a caregiver should have. Also, understand that your loved ones do need some privacy for themselves. This is an aspect, that should not go ignored by the caregivers. And they should allow the seniors to enjoy some privacy for some time each day. During this time, the seniors can carry out their favorite activities. Such as listening to music, talking to their loved ones, reading, etc.


Moreover, the quality of respect and privacy should not represent a limitation. With privacy, we also mean, that the dignity of loved ones should also have protection. While they are bathing, changing clothes or using the bathroom. If our loved one is bedridden or very frail. Then we can maintain privacy by helping them carry out these personal tasks. In a more dignified, respectful manner.


  • If your loved one needs to use the bathroom. It is best to help them with all the necessary things and give them some privacy to finish up the entire process. This also can apply this while giving a bath to your loved ones.
  • If bathing alone is a problem for them. Make sure you cover their private parts before giving them a bath. This will help your loved ones feel comfortable. And provide you with the necessary support during the process.
In this manner, respecting their privacy. And maintaining dignity while providing tender love and care. Will go a long way in making the entire caregiving process fruitful and worthy.

 Seniors|How to give respect and privacy while providing TLC


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