I started my caregiving at a young age. My father was a Seaman and my mother was always very ill.  So I had to grow up and assume the responsibilities of the household at the age of 10 years old.  At the age of 14 years old I started to volunteer at the local hospital as a candy striper. I would read to patients, assist with meals, sit with them when there was no family member around. At this moment, I realized that I wanted to be the ultimate caregiver.

There was one patient, in particular, that was in and out of the hospital with congestive heart failure, her name was Ms. May. I would comb her hair, wipe her face with a warm washcloth and read true romance magazines to her.   Several weeks later she had passed away and that was my first encounter with death.  I was very sad, but when her daughter came to me; she stated that I made her mother’s final day the best she had in a long time.   She had told me that Ms. May wanted me to have a bottle of Jenna Tae.  I was not allowed to accept gifts.  But, she insisted that it was her mother’s final wish.  Well, the bottle was about 3 feet tall; the biggest bottle of perfume I had ever seen.

I decided to combine my love for caregiving with my administrative skills by pursuing a degree in medical administration.

After graduating, I went to work for Humana Hospital in New Orleans Louisiana working in almost every department of the hospital until I was married.  A couple years after that, I landed my dream job of working for a home health agency in Slidell Louisiana.   I ran the company as an administrative assistant for 7 years and was in charge of hiring the employees, training the employees, staffing the employees, managing all the human resources, acquiring the clients, payroll, etc.  We cared for many patients with many illnesses.

After the birth of my daughter, I decided to start my own business providing home companion services. I opened up my own company in 2000 and cared for over 150 patients with 26 amazing employees until 2012. We cared for clients with a multitude of illnesses.

I am currently assisting the community of Destin, Florida with coaching family caregivers and offering private assistance in the home. When I am not helping others, I am either spending time in my garden or kitchen or relaxing at the beach.