Aging Loved One Consultation Services

Daughter concerned about aging mom

Do you have an aging loved one that needs care? Does your loved one live alone or long distance? Do you fear for their safety and well-being?

Many adult children are thrust into a caregiving role for their aging loved one with little or no preparation. An aging family member may experience a sudden change in caregiving needs.  I am here to deliver straightforward insight relative to your specific situation. You can schedule a call to assess your care issues.  There is no caregiving problem I have not dealt with. I am here to offer you my time, experience, and knowledge.

I am available to assist you with navigating and locating the resources to help you with the demanding and loving role of caring for your aging loved ones.

  • Spokesman
  • Case or Care Management-Coordination of services
  • Information Specialist-Research any diagnoses
  • Referral Assistance-Find the best person for your situation
  • Support Group Locator-Locate the appropriate support group
  • Family Mediation-Neutral facilitation to communicate with other members
  • Caregiver Locator-Interview, screen, and locate quality caregivers

Send me a message at and receive a reply the next day.