My Personal Caregiving Goals For The Future

What Is Your Story?   I have been a caregiver, a patient advocate and a caregiving consultant from a very early age. My sister was born with a birth defect. Secondly, my mother was always in poor health due to her liver did not work properly. Lastly, my father had a bleeding ulcer and a … Read more

How To Give Compassionate Family Caregiving Properly

      The big three elements of caregiving   Emotional – Caregiving can be very rewarding. But other parts can be overwhelming, angry, confusing and disorganized. In my experience, you need the following Patience’s Grace Tactful Manners Organizational Skill Physical – Caregiving can be exhausting. But with proper rest and organization, you can overcome … Read more

How I Found My Passion For Caregiving

Passion for Caregiving

  Caregiving In the Beginning I started my caregiving at a young age. My father was a Seaman and my mother was always sick.   So, I had to grow up and assume the responsibilities of the household and become a caregiver. I cooked, cleaned, cared for my mother, paid all household bills and cared for … Read more