Compassionate Caregiving

Gain access to years of industry experience and knowledge and become a more confident Family Caregiver.

Should be a college class

“What a book! Highly recommended for any one who is or will be in a caregiving situation. Highly informative, Detailed directions on many aspects of care. Great tips and suggestions for bathing, walking, wounds and more. It is like taking a college class called, Guide to Caring 101.”  – K. Reisler

Superlative Guide for Providing Health Care

“When our own patient, my wife, was paraplegic, needing the care provided by a home health aide rather than by a nursing staff, this book would have been exactly what was needed. In several cases, we employed aides who were experienced but lacked formal training, and the insurance company required that we have a nurse certify that they were able to perform the necessary care-giving activities. Having this book available for their instruction would have been a blessing. Furthermore, much of the care Scallan describes is needed by patients who are receiving skilled nursing care as well.” – Douglas W. Cooper

Nurse’s Stamp of Approval

“A very complete and thorough explanation of every facet of caregiving. Could be used as a textbook for a CNA certification class. As a registered professional nurse with many years of private duty care, I would recommend this book wholeheartedly!”
Peggy Greco,

Insightful and important

“I have family members who will soon be entering this stage of life soon and this book covers it all.
Most of us don’t even think about how to handle “caregiving” situations before they occur, and that is one of the biggest mistakes we can make. With changing health care regulations and expensive choices, this author provides expert insight and advice to guide us through these murky waters.” – Jim Price

A powerful book

A powerful book that is extremely helpful to anyone who has a parent or has to take care of an elderly person. Even someone any age who is housebound or limited in their ability to take care of themselves. All of us need this on hand to refer to as Tena has researched and studied every single situation that could possibly come up when trying to take care or see to the care of an invalid. Read this book and be prepared. For there will come that time in all our lives when we need someone to take care of us.