Top 20 Alzheimer’s Presents For The Holidays

Alzheimer’s Presents

Alzheimer's Presents

1.  MX-LOCare Personal GPS Safety Watch – BR2 – Black

The first thing to remember, the MX-LOCare™ GPS Safety Watch is a personal emergency safety device that reduces the risk of elopement to a cognitively impaired individual by alerting caregivers or loved ones of their location if a wandering episode were to happen. Another key point, it is a mobile personal emergency response system, optional panic alert, fitness tracker and GPS personal locator all rolled up in one.  As a result, the MX-LOCare™ GPS Safety Watch offers an unobtrusive SOS alert device for those who may feel vulnerable where they live or work.

by MX-LOCare

2.  3 Alarm Options – 8″ Digital Calendar Alarm Day Clock with Extra Large Non-Abbreviated Day & Month SDC008 by Svinz – 2 Color Display Settings

The perfect clock for an aging loved one.  For this reason, our uniquely designed digital alarm day clock is the only one you’ll ever need. Aging people faced with Alzheimer’s, memory loss and dementia need structure, routine, and focus. As a result, they often lose the ability to recognize what day of the week it is. Also, traditional digital clocks have abbreviations, which can be confusing. To prevent this, the day clock by SVINZ has a clear and easy to read screen which helps reduce anxiety about the time of day and ease the worry of missing an appointment, mealtime, or any other key event. Another key point, features – Standalone 8″ digital calendar clock – Wall hanging or pull-out stand self-standing – Character heights: Day: 1″, Time: 1. 1/2″, Date: 1/2″. – 8″ LED screen (175mm) diagonal – 5.55″ wide x 4.2″ high – 100+ Year Automatic Calendar – Months & Years – Dual Time Mode – 12 or 24 Hour. – Dual Date Mode – DD/MM/YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY. – 8 Languages Built-in. – Auto Night Dimmer – 7 p.m. [19:00hrs] to 7 a.m. [07:00 hrs] – Silent in operation – Fully automatic calendar changes including Leap Years. – Auto Built-in “On-OFF” Memory Settings – Power Adapter – 100-250V AC – Output DC 5Volt 1amp.
by Svinz

3.  Fall Prevention Monitoring – Bed Alarm with Bed Sensor Pad, Chair Sensor Pad, and AC Adapter

The first thing to remember, to operate, place the 10″ x 15″ chair pad on a wheelchair, a recliner, or a sofa. As a result, a light cover such as a sheet or blanket can be placed over the pad. Another key point, when the patient gets up, the alarm will sound near the caregiver, not the patient. Also, with no alarm in the room, the patient won’t be confused or distressed by loud alarm noise. (Please note, before removing a cordless pad from use and storing for any period of time, we recommend turning off the transmitter inside the pouch at the edge of the pad. As a result, this will conserve the pad’s battery life. Finally, remember to turn the transmitter back on before placing the pad back into use. Also, pads should not be folded for storage.

by Smart Caregiver

4.  Wireless Alarm & Pager with Weight Sensing Floor Mat

Above all, smart Caregiver has combined standard corded sensor pads with wireless paging technology; easing resident stress and more effectively alerting the caregiver. As a result, this system is designed to assist caregivers in preventing falls of their residents. Fall alarms, mobility monitors, and anti-wandering products are effective tools that help caregivers with their day to day to duties. Another key point, these devices alert caregivers in a multitude of ways so that when a resident is attempting to get up and/or exit a doorway without proper assistance, the caregiver hears an alert and promptly goes to the aide of the resident. Also, the system has one year manufactures warranty.

by Smart Caregiver

5.  Wheelchair Seat Belt (One Finger – Easy Release) & Alarm Monitor So You Know When They Are About To Get Up!

The first thing to remember,  use this complete system (alarm and seat belt), and you will know when your loved one or patient is getting up from their wheelchair. Another key point, by having an alarm attached to the seat belt, you will hear the alert across the house. Also, the seat belt is considered non-restraint. Meaning, that it has an easy, one finger release of the catch. Asa result, as soon as your patient presses the red release catch, the alarm will start to sound. Finally, this is a wonderful early alert because you will hear it before they start to stand.

by Smart Caregiver

6. Future Call Picture Phone with Speakerphone FC-1007S

The first thing to remember, this 40dB amplified corded speakerphone from Future Call has 10 memory picture buttons to dial the person you want to call along with an emergency button.  Another key point, it always knows who you are calling with this amplified corded picture speakerphone. Finally, ten large memory picture buttons let you quickly dial the person you want to call in just 2 key presses.

by Future Call

7. Memory Loss One Button Radio / Large Retro Style Radio

The first thing to remember, its the perfect gift for Grandma or Grandpa. As a result, the One Button Radio has been designed for anyone to enjoy especially those with Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Memory Loss, Poor Dexterity or Visual Impairment. Another key point, this tamper-resistant extra large retro looking analog AM/FM Radio has been designed to be completely controlled by “one button”. As a result, once the initial set up has been completed, the user simply pushes the button down to turn the radio on and pushes the same button down to turn the radio off. As a result, no more fiddling with all those confusing buttons & dials! Also, this Dementia Radio is extra large so its difficult to misplace! Furthermore, if you wish to play music via a USB, just remove the front panel and insert a USB stick. But, this will override the radio and play the selected music on the USB stick. however, to switch back, simply unplug the USB stick and the radio will automatically revert to your chosen/preset radio station. Finally, it makes a great gift for that special senior citizen in your life!

by Geri Guard Solutions

8.  Flipper Big Button Universal Remote for 2 Devices

The first thing to remember, Are You or a Loved One Tired of Having Multiple Remotes, Searching Through Hundreds of Channels or Tiny Buttons That are Hard to Push and See?  Introducing the Flipper Remote! For one thing, the Flipper Remote is easy to use large button universal remote made specifically for the elderly or partially sighted.  As a result, it combines your TV and cable/satellite controls into one easy-to-use device.  Finally, what Makes Flipper the Perfect Universal Remote For Elders?

  • 6 buttons that are large and color-coded, it’s ideal users that are partially sighted or elderly. No more complex and clunky TV remotes.
  • Only takes 15 minutes to set up. The lock feature prevents anyone undoing all your hard work.
  • The favorites function allows you to save up to 30 channels so you don’t have to wade through hundreds of channels you’ll never watch.
by Flipper

9.  Alzheimers Lock

A point often overlooked, this lock is perfect for caregivers of Alzheimer and dementia patients concerned about their loved one being able to leave the house unsupervised. Important to realize, this is similar in design to the Assist Privacy Lock, this lock has modifications to the operation of the locking device to stop patients at the door. Another key point, this is designed specifically for caregivers, this lock is easy to use and will go a long way in providing a little more peace of mind for those charged with a loved-ones safety.

by Guardian Lock

10.  Door Alarms for Senior Safety

The most compelling evidence, this motion detector with remote alarm is an exceptional product that can keep track of your loved one’s movements. As a result, the remote alarm comes with a high-performance transmitter and receiver set that can be customized to monitor a room or selected area, depending on your individual requirements. Another key point, the versatility, reliability, and convenience of this alarm make it instrumental in reinforcing wandering prevention.

by Jane’s Senior Products

11.  Luminette 2 – SAD Bright Light Therapy Glasses – Improve your mood. Regulate your sleep

In the first place, light therapy on the move Luminette is a portable and lightweight (just 2.2 oz.) pair of light therapy glasses.  Also, it lets you go about your activities while providing ideal light exposure. As a result, you don’t have to sit anymore in front of a cumbersome light therapy lamp for 30 min but you can carry on with your daily routine while enjoying the benefits of the light.

by Luminette

12.  Carex Health Brands Day-Light Classic Plus Bright Light Therapy Lamp

The first thing to remember, the Day-Light Classic Plus, from the leaders in Bright Light Therapy, is a clinical lamp that meets every expert requirement for therapeutic use. As a result, the Day-Light Classic Plus, the next generation of the popular Day-Light Classic (Model #DL930) light therapy lamp, features 10,000 LUX of glare-free white light at 12 inches, 99.3% UV blocked for eye safety, angle and height adjustment for easy use.  Also, light projection from above for maximum therapeutic benefit.

by Carex Health Brands

13.  Deluxe 5-piece Redware Dining Set, especially for Alzheimer’s Patients

The most compelling evidence, almost 40 Percent of Alzheimer’s patients experience significant weight loss. Another key point is, a study out of Boston University suggests that the weight loss is due in part to the loss of the ability to distinguish contrast between colors. As a result, people with Alzheimer’s are not able to distinguish light colored food and drink on or in typically light colored tableware. Also, when using tableware that offered a high contrast to the food and drink (i.e.: bright red and bright blue), researchers noticed that the participants in the study increased their food intake by 24Percent and liquid intake by 84 percent.

by MABIS DMI Healthcare

14.  Customizable, Alzheimers Medical Alert Bracelet, Stainless Steel, 8″ (Includes FREE Engraving)

In the first place, our I.D. Bracelets have the engraving deep stamped into the tag using an old process and an antique machine. In addition, modern engraving machines barely scratch the writing on to the tag and then it quickly wears off.  Also, deep stamping ensures that this will never happen and the important information stays on the tag even after really heavy use. Another key point, the Heavy Duty stainless steel chain, and plate are of the highest quality, and the clasp which at first may seem difficult to remove guarantees that the bracelet will not easily break or get lost. It is important to realize, it is perfect for active people on the go.  Furthermore, our bracelets will not rust or tarnish in any environment. Another key point, Police and Paramedics highly recommend the use of medical alert bracelets as a way to quickly identify emergency medical needs that could SAVE YOUR LIFE.

by Deep Stamped

15.  No Rinse Shampoo Caps – Case of 12

The first thing to remember, the No Rinse Shampoo and Bath makes hygiene easy for mobility challenged individuals or those in your care that are too weak to take daily showers. Another key point, hair care is simple and mess free-choose with the No Rinse Shampoo that can be applied then toweled dry, or the disposable No Rinse Shampoo Caps which cleanse with the caretaker’s gentle massaging action. Also, for effective, refreshing bathing with no mess or cleanup, choose the No Rinse Bathing Wipes or the No Rinse Body Bath that can be used full-strength or diluted with just one ounce of water. Another key point, both the Shampoo Caps and the Bathing Wipes can be warmed in the microwave for added comfort. Furthermore, all products are alcohol-free, which means no skin tightness, dryness, or stinging. Finally, it is recommended for individuals who cannot bathe themselves, people recovering from surgery, or people with limited mobility who have trouble getting in and out of the tub.

by AliMed

16.  Talking Photo Album, Deluxe Edition, Voice Recordable, 200 minutes recording

It is important to relize, the Deluxe Talking Photo Album with 200 minutes of recording time. Another key point, it records speech, music and sound effects. Also, this Deluxe Album has superior quality voice recording, enhanced playback quality, an improved recording method.  Furthermore,  we’ve also added a micro USB socket for file transfer.

by Talking Products Ltd

17.  Busy Bee Lap Pad. Weighted Activity and Comfort Aid for Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Developmental Disabilities

The first thing to remember,  Busy Bee gets its weight from a gel-filled pad. Activity and comfort rolled into one. Also, the Busy Bee Lap Pad is made of a soft fleece and is weighted with the 10″ x 18″five-pound gel pad inside. Another key point, it has 5 manipulative and stimulus providing attachments including real lamb’s wool, a liquid motion, a bean bag, a Tangle, and moveable wood beads. As a result, the red edging on the new design provides additional visual and tactile stimulation. Also, weight is known to provide comfort, especially to individuals who are prone to restlessness.

by Best Alzheimer’s Products

18.  Busy Board Activity Board Alzheimer Dementia Latch Board

The first thing to remember, the busy board is made for ages 3 – 103. Also, the board feature shoe lacing (laces are tied to the hooks to prevent potential injury), a chain lock, a sash latch, a trunk latch, a dog collar, a zipper, a retractable clasp (to practice hooking and unhooking pets), a barrel bolt, and a handle for carrying. Another key point, the board is painted with an enamel paint which cleans easily. Measurements are 11 1/2″ x 11 1/2″ x 2″. Adult supervision is recommended. Not intended for wall mounting.

by TMS Toys LLC

19.  Large Golden Retriever – Stuffed Animal Therapy for People with Memory Loss from Aging and Caregivers

The most compelling evidence, the Golden Retriever is one of America’s favorite dogs and ours is no exception. As a result, it is smart, loving and just likes to be with her master all day long! Another key point, the retriever is adorable and very soft. Furthermore, she loves to play, nap and cuddle. As a result, your loved one will fall in love with her! Also, memorable Pets make excellent gifts for those with age-related memory loss Style: MP-850 Size: 23″ (60cm), flexible Care: Surface Wash.

by Memorable Pets

20.  Baby “Ava Rose” – Doll Therapy for People with Memory Loss with Aging and Caregiver

The first thing to remember, this cute baby face girl has light pink skin tones. Ava Rose is anatomically correct. Also, this is a winner with her little bald head and blue eyes. Her quality and attention to detail are fine. Ava Rose is dressed in a lovely pink knit outfit with matching booties and hat. She has a cute expression and comes with her own matching knit blanket and birth certificate too! Her skin is all over her body and her clothes can be removed and she can be redressed. Her quality is long lasting and has great detail. Ava Rose is a nice size (15″ long) and weighs 2.3 pounds. Nurturing and fun to play with, this is the perfect baby doll for your loved one!

by Memorable Pets


Alzheimer’s can be a very painful and emotional disease.  I hope by sharing the wonderful gifts to share with your loved ones with Alzheimer’s will make everyone’s life easy and joyful for the holidays.  For more information on Alzheimer’s, check out this site.  Also, check out my past post on Alzheimer’s. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Alzheimer's Presents

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