Top 10 Helpful, Easy, And Effective Resolutions For Caregiving


Resolutions for Caregiving

Creating Resolutions for yourself and your loved ones will make life a whole lot easier for the New Year. The end of the year is a time of reflection and figuring out what you would like to change for the New Year. Caregiving can be stressful, overwhelming and disorganizing. Here are my best tips to make the New Year a prosperous, productive and happy one.

1. Organization Resolutions

We collect so many things over the past year and may not even know what we have in the home to help us. Go through every room and get rid of anything that you have not used in 6 months.  For some much-needed help, check out this site.

2. Health Resolutions

Go through all medications with your doctor. See if you can get rid of certain medications or change to combine some. Clean out all medicine cabinets and get rid of anything that has an expired date. For some help, check out this site.

3. Exercise Resolutions

It is absolutely vital for good health and well bean. It can help with a number of ailments like arthritis. First of all, consult your physician to make sure it is ok. Then start off slow and stretch before starting anything. For some help, check out this site.

4. Nutrition Resolutions

Clean out all cabinets and refrigerator to start with a clean slate. Try new recipes and incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Check out this old post to help.

5. Sleep Resolutions

Sleep is vital to maintaining good health. Start by going to sleep and waking up the same time every day. If you are having problems sleeping, find the source and change things. Get a new mattress or pillows or change the bedding to make it more inviting and comfortable. For more information, check out this site.

6. Safety Resolutions

Go through the house and secure all rugs, electric cords. Clear out any furniture or items that may be a tripping hazard. Install grab bars in the bathroom, hallway, bedroom and any area that may be hard to get up or down. Check out this old post to help.

How To Give Home Safety To Our Senior Parents

7. Socialize Resolutions

Join a support group, or club to keep you interact with like-minded people in your situation to stay connected. When our loved ones who socialize, have the strongest sense of purpose are much less likely to become depressed.

8. Manage Stress and Happiness Resolutions

It is much easier to be happy that it is to be angry and stress out. Find the problems that are stressful and change it to a happier existence.  Take baby steps, build in rewards for your progress, and make a few other minor changes and you will see greater success with less stress.

9. Get affairs in order Resolutions

The first of every year is a good time to make sure your affairs are in order.  Reviewing your personal and business documents with your attorney and financial advisor will give you peace of mind.Get a notebook or journal and write down all your information. Fill out a will to avoid complication after you pass. Sign a living will and or a DNR order (Do Not Resuscitate) and have it filled with your doctor’s office. Check out this wonderful planner I have put together to help.

The Caregiving Organizational Planner


10. Establish privacy and boundaries Resolutions

Privacy and boundaries are very important to relieve stress and conflict. Caring for a loved one can create issues on both sides. So sit down and let each other know your expectations and dislikes. For the caregiver, let your loved one know when the situation becomes overwhelming. And you are in the need of a break. For your loved one, ask them about their bathing, toileting, and dressing preferences.


The New Year is a good time for family caregivers to make resolutions. To change and tweak how they feel about the previous year of caregiving responsibilities. Family caregivers get focused on so many things they are doing to help their loved ones and forget to take care of their own basic needs. That’s why we suggest family caregivers take care of themselves as well so they can do the best job possible for their loved ones. It is also suggested to occasionally bring in outside help so they get a break.  Happy caregivers are productive caregivers.  If you are in need of help, please let me help you.  Here is a link to consulting.


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