Every caregiver can benefit from the tips, tricks, and strategies gained from 25 + years of experience.

It’s time for YOU to thrive as a caregiver!

MISSION: I’m on a mission to help family caregivers thrive while taking compassionate care of their loved ones! The goal is to help you, the busy caregiver with a heavy workload, find the perfect caregiving solution that improves the quality of life for you and your loved one.

VISION: I see a future where fundamental caregiving standards are taught to everyone regardless of occupation or class.

Is LOVE enough to be a great caregiver while caregiving? 

It is sometimes not enough as strong as love is, especially when caregiving for family members. Furthermore, caregiving can sometimes be overwhelming and exhausting! I help teach family members to become ultimate caregivers while creating a balance in their lives. 

Professional experience is vital when dealing with family members or loved ones who need care. Let me help YOU plan, get organized, and learn how to communicate with your loved one.

Meet Tena L. Scallan

Tena Scallan

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Hello, my name is Tena. I have been a caregiving business owner, coach, consultant, author, and caregiver for the past 25 + years.  I have dedicated my life to taking care of others. Now I would like to help you.

Let me tell you a bit about myself to understand better who I am and the work I have done before you decide whether to reach out.

My journey in healthcare started long ago. I first entered this field when Humana Hospital hired me, and I spent six years working in multiple departments. Eventually found my true passion in caregiving and took a position as an administrative assistant at a Home Health Agency, where I remained for seven years. The next step of my journey was to start my own homemaker/companion service with 26 incredible men and women and run it for 12 years. Also, we cared for many people with all types of illnesses. To say that helping others feels rewarding is an understatement.

After spending all these years helping those in need on the Gulf Coast, I have decided to move online to make a more significant impact. I gave up my business because of the growing problems in caregiving and resolved to do something about it. Finally, I became a private caregiver to see what was lacking in the industry and gain a fresh perspective on both sides of the fence.

Are you interested in hiring me to help you with your loved ones or help you in business? Let’s schedule a planning session to discuss your situation with Tena.



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  • Discover the support available to you – practical help for every aspect of caregiving 
  • Start a custom caregiving plan – Direct impact for your specific situations
  • Learn how to care for your loved one compassionately
  • Discover ways to prevent frustration and stress
  • Join a community of caregivers close to you 
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