My name is Tena L. Scallan.

Tena L. Scallan Media AppearancesI am a passionate healthcare professional, business owner and published author with over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry.

I’ve dedicated my life to working in many departments of hospitals, running my own in-home caregiving agency, providing coaching and guidance for family caregivers and became a private caregiver to see what was lacking in the industry. I’ve been able to be on both sides of the fence and I’m knowledgeable enough to teach everyone on everything caregiving.

I firmly believe that both home and lifestyle can be preserved by in-home compassionate caregiving in the face of aging or illness.

Caregiving has always been my passion.

I was born with a family that had many medical problems and continued as I was growing up. I was always in doctor’s offices and hospitals from birth to my teen years. When I was 14, I became a candy striper at the local hospital and was a candy striper for 4 years till I graduated high school.

I received my medical/business administration degree threw Nunez Community College in 1989. I worked at Kelly Temporary Services, while in school to see where my true calling took me. I ended up at Humana Hospital in New Orleans East as a secretary in Utilization Review, Social Services, Infection Control, Quality Assurance, Nursing, and Administration, until my position was deleted in 1992. Then I started working as an Emergency Room Clerk at Chalmette Medical Center for a little over a year. I was married and moved to Slidell, Louisiana and started working at Greenery Rehabilitation Center as a Business Office Secretary until that position was deleted as well.

I was tired of being the employee and being laid off, so I started a little company called Miller’s Secretarial Services and started to do office work out of my home.

One day as I was faxing my brochure to local medical offices, I received a call from the owner of a company called Total Care, Inc., a home health Agency. He wanted me to come in and redo his entire office to run more efficiently. I was there for 2 weeks, he was so impressed by my work, and he asked if I wanted to be his Administrative Assistant. I ran the entire company for 7 years.

Compassionate CaregivingI wanted more out of life and ask the owner if he would help me start my own health care company. He gave me my first client and I had a very successful business until I moved to Florida and gave the business up in 2012. I taught others to take care of their loved ones and began mailing educational material to them. They said that it was too much information and that I should put it into book form and that is what I did.

And that’s how it began; I was not an author but had plenty of knowledge, passion, and tons of educational material that I used, changed and made my own to compile THE ULTIMATE COMPASSIONATE GUIDE TO CAREGIVING. Once I had the vision I was unstoppable but had many rejections from 25-50 publishers. I spent over $6,000.00 of my own money to get published and launched the book in 2010.

My book is now #1 title in several categories with Amazon.

I have dedicated my life to help others in need.

I have always tried to take the difficult responsibility of caring for others into my own hands and making it easier for others. I would love to educate everyone one in the world in providing personalized attention to the most significant detail, with the utmost care and compassion.

When you are cared for properly, you look and feel better.

The philosophy is to strive to fully appreciate and understand all aspects of caring for others. The Ultimate Compassionate Guide To Caregiving is a new and innovative book to assist the world with all aspects of daily living. My mission is to be a strategic partner with the world by applying My expertise, knowledge, and experience to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to those challenges facing our health care.

The Ultimate Compassionate Guide To Caregiving is designed and dedicated to caring for your loved ones and keeping them at home independently in the 21st century. The implementation of this mission involves listening closely to our patients, taking the time to learn about their needs, and understanding their environment. Through my work with hundreds of patients, I have established a reputation for our capabilities in private and healthcare environments.

My goal is to educate the patient, to combine excellent entrepreneurial skills with good judgment and common sense to play an active role in helping the world with their needs.

What makes this book unique is, it will take the overwhelming focus on the unknown and provide personalized attention to the most delicate detail, with care and compassion. It will cover a massive amount of information to guide everyone in everything there is to know about caring for anyone anytime in a gratifying manner.

As we grow older, caregiving gets more complex and complicated. Aging or illness does not have to result in giving up your home, or your lifestyle.

The Ultimate Caregiver’s intended audience will be everyone that has to care for a loved one. This book started out as an educational tool for my employees to care for others in the home as if I were doing the care myself. Now I am able to share that knowledge with all who need it.