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Listed below are our present advertising packages, billed annually. I created this website to provide one of the most precious gifts ever, time back in the user’s day, so they can experience calm, peace, and a sense of relief where their loved one are concerned.  The great news is the website is starting to grow and we are accepting advertisers. We are now offering introductory prices for an annual subscription on our new and improved resource page.

Listed below are our present packages, billed annually.

Silver Package:  $180.00 - Includes:  Name, Address, and Phone Number 
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Platinum Package:  $200.00 - Includes:  Gold package, plus company logo 

Our demographics consist of homemakers, family caregivers, executives, and entrepreneurs dedicated to the education and self-enhancement for our aging loved ones.  As you know, it is important to have a web presence to reach the exact audience in the caregiving community you want. By becoming an advertiser, now, at the introductory pricing level, you will be able to secure your spot and stand out from the crowd of competitors. 

Ongoing social media marketing, content marketing, and weekly newsletter are bringing targeted traffic to the site.  This is expected to grow over the year. We promote the website to our social media accounts, via our newsletter, and other outlets weekly.