Are you overwhelmed, frustrated, or burnt-out?

Are you caring for a parent or relative? Do you have a loved one who lives alone or long distance? Do you fear for their safety and well-being? Many adult children are thrust into the senior care role for their aging loved one with little or no preparation.

If this sounds like you, help is here for you!

There is straightforward insight relative to your specific situation here for you. There is no caregiving problem that has not been dealt with. My time, experience, and knowledge are here for you. I’m a caregiving expert and advisor that would like to help with the many problems facing today’s home caregiving. As we grow older, caregiving gets more complex and complicated. Aging or illness does not have to result in giving up your home, or your lifestyle.

Who would I like to help? The sons or daughters of senior parents or family caregivers caring for their relatives or loved ones.

Here are the caregiving solutions available to assist you.

To help you with the demanding and loving role of caring for your loved ones. Some of the things I can do are:

  • Assessing & Creating a detailed care plan
  • Advisor
  • Spokesperson
  • Case or Care Management-Coordination of services
  • Information Specialist-Research any diagnoses
  • Referral Assistance-Find the best person for your situation
  • Support Group Locator-Locate the appropriate support group
  • Family Mediation-Neutral facilitation to communicate with other members
  • Caregiver Locator-Interview, screen, and locate quality caregivers

Over the past 25 years, I have cared for thousands of people.

When a call from a client would come in, they would be overwhelmed, distraught, or anxious. I would find out their problems and ease their mind by letting them know that I will do anything to help them find a better outlook for their situation. I also have written a book called The Ultimate Compassionate Guide to Caregiving. It is an encyclopedia of information that teaches families and caregivers how to care for their loved ones.

Are you interested in working with me? Here’s how to get started. We can have this discussion regardless of your location; local or international.

Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consult.

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