Senior Care Advising Services

Daughter concerned about aging mom

Do you need a senior care advisor? Does your loved one live alone or long distance? Do you fear for their safety and well-being?

Many adult children are thrust into the senior care role for their aging loved one with little or no preparation. A family member may experience a sudden change in caregiving needs.  As a senior care advisor, I am here to deliver straightforward insight relative to your specific situation. You can schedule a call to assess your caregiving issues.  There is no caregiving problem I have not dealt with. I am here to offer you my time, experience, and knowledge.

I am available to assist you with navigating and locating the senior care resources to help you with the demanding and loving role of caring for your loved ones.

  • Assessing & Creating a detailed care plan
  • Advising
  • Spokesman
  • Case or Care Management-Coordination of services
  • Information Specialist-Research any diagnoses
  • Referral Assistance-Find the best person for your situation
  • Support Group Locator-Locate the appropriate support group
  • Family Mediation-Neutral facilitation to communicate with other members
  • Caregiver Locator-Interview, screen, and locate quality caregivers


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