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This foundation is made up of community agencies that provide homemaker-home health services. Professional homemaker-home health aides care for individuals in their own homes in times of illness and stress. Individuals can contact the foundation for assistance in locating approved homemaker-home health services in their area.

Business Phone Number: (202) 547-7424
Address: 1901 N. Fort Myer Drive, Suite 307, Arlington, VA
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Points often overlooked, this organization promotes quality care for terminally ill patients and provides information about hospice services available in the United States. Secondly, individuals can contact the NHO to learn about hospice services in their area. Furthermore, some hospices help families care for patients at home; some offer services in a hospice center or hospital.

Business Phone Number: (703) 243-5900
Address: 1707 L Street NW, Suite 220, Washington, DC
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Short Business Description: http://www.hospicefoundation.org/
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A foundation that provides wonderful information on issues related to hospice and end-of-life care.

Business Phone Number: (800)-854-3402
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