Getting Old & Financial Independence is About to Become a Whole Lot Harder


  A Life Well Planned And Executed   A life well planned and executed is the thing to which we all aspire. Work hard, accumulating assets and retire in comfort. Of knowing everything went according to plan, that is the reality. For the rest of the world, the reality is lurking right around the corner … Read more

How To Give Compassionate Caregiving Properly


  Caregiving – The big three elements of caregiving Emotional – Caregiving can be very rewarding. But other parts can be overwhelming, angry, confusing and disorganized. In my experience, you need the following Patience’s Grace Tactful Manners Organizational Skill Physical – Caregiving can be exhausting. But with proper rest and organization, you can overcome anything. … Read more

Top 10 Products To Make Family Caregiving Easier

      Products Can Make A World of Difference It is important to realize, over the past 25 years of running my home care agency to working in hospitals, I have seen it all.   Another key point, caregiving can be overwhelming and with a few great products, life can be simple.  So, here … Read more

How To Finance Your Senior Life With A Life Settlement

    Life Settlements Maybe Your Ticket to Huge Found Money You could be sitting on a gold mine and not even know it. As a matter of fact, I bet you have thought about throwing away this gold mine more than once. Crazy, right?! Well, it is no crazier than cashing in or, letting … Read more

How to Care For Your Loved Ones When They Are Bedridden


  Quality Care for Parents who are Bedridden First thing to remember, caring for parents who are bedridden is a difficult task.  In other words, our parents become immobile.  As a result, they are unable to perform their daily tasks on their own.  Under these circumstances, this requires extra effort on the part of the children or caregivers. Another … Read more

How to Understand Palliative Care

Palliative Care

  In a word, Palliative Care   The first thing to remember, palliative care is the care given during a course of treatment involving chronic illness.  Also, given to senior parents who are terminally ill and suffering from debilitating symptoms.  In other words, Palliative care is for those senior parents who want some comfort.   … Read more