The caregiving store is here to help you.  Are you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated in caregiving? Let the caregiving store organize and educate you so life can remain as peaceful as possible while you care for your loved one!  The caregiving store offers a variety of caregiving education and blogs to help you.



90-Day Gratitude Journal
for Your Business

The Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur’s Guide to Gratitude – in a few minutes each day.

The 90-Day Gratitude Journal for Your Business focuses on the practice of gratitude and being grateful for everything your business has manifested for you.

One, simple prompt guides you thoughtfully each day to reflect and appreciate all the goodness your business brings forth.


The Ultimate Caregiver's Caregiving Store Bundle WITH FORMS

caregiving books and tracking sheets

Have you been thrust into caregiving suddenly?  Do you have loved ones that went in for a routine procedure, then required 24/7 care?  I have produced several books to teach and help you with everything from emotional health, activities of daily living, emotional health and much, much more. 

This caregiving store bundle is for you! It gives you all the details and helps you out with everything there is to know about caring for a loved one.  Get it TODAY, for and take back your peace of mind.

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Body Mechanics

Do you have a hard time moving your loved ones from different places? As a family caregiver, it is essential to learn how to use proper body mechanics. It will keep you from hurting yourself, help you maintain correct posture, and guide you to perform a task more efficiently.

This eBook will provide you with step-by-step instructions and checklists for understanding body mechanics and transferring procedures.


The Caregiving Organizational Planner

Organizational Planner

In an emergency, can you get to vital information quickly? Keeping track of all the important details as you help your parent or another aging family member is crucial. Caregiving can become a job in itself especially when bits and pieces of information can be stored in so many places.

Experience the feeling of relief when all the pertinent personal, legal, and financial information is collected and stored in one place. 


Compassionate Care 101

Do you know how to help your loved ones with daily grooming? Grooming is a vital part of the day, when you are clean and look good, you feel good. On occasion, we are unable to perform our daily hygiene, such as brushing our teeth, bathing, dressing, and grooming.

This ebook provides step-by-step instructions and checklists for all daily hygiene and grooming tasks. 


Health Essentials

Do you know the important basics of caring for your loved ones? As a family caregiver, it is essential to know about hand washing, over the counter medications, patient care notes, guidelines, and vital signs.

This eBook will provide you with step-by-step instructions and checklists for all infection control, medication, patient care records and guidelines, and vital sign tasks.



Fundamentals of a Healthy Environment

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the thought of maintaining a clean house and providing proper nutrition for your loved one? As a family caregiver, it is vital to good health to preserve a pristine environment and provide healthy nourishment.

This eBook will provide you with step-by-step instructions and checklists for caring and maintaining a healthy environment, and provide proper nutrition. 


How To Effectively Conquer Thinking & Feeling

Are you having problems with the emotional side of caregiving? There’s more to caregiving than just being a caregiver. As a family caregiver it is essential to know how to communicate with your loved ones. Here is the book to help.

This eBook will provide you with tips and tricks to help you deal with your emotions and things that come up in the day to day care. 


The Ultimate Compassionate Guide to Caregiving

The Ultimate Compassionate Guide to Caregiving is a new and innovative book that provides assistance on all the aspects of daily living. It is designed for individuals who intend to care for their loved ones at home or in any facility, it will give you effective and timely solutions for the many problems facing health care today.

It will educate you and allow you to develop home health care skills, good judgement, and the common sense to play an active role in helping your loved ones with their health care needs.


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