What Is Elder Abuse And How To Overcome Abuse

Elderly Abuse

  Growing epidemic of elder abuse Elder abuse or mistreatment of older people go back to the ancient times. While other forms of violence dominate public health issues, elder abuse still remains undercover. With the increase in the number of cases of elder abuse, it has now become a matter of grave public health concern. … Read more

Top 25 Great Gifts For Your Senior Loved Ones


Gifts of Happiness 1.   Women’s Mild Compression Wide Calf Knee High Support Socks Support your legs with these stylish gifts!  For one thing, printed compression knee highs have calibrated compression and are great for everyday use to relieve swelling and fatigue while improving circulation.  Also, nylon/spandex blend. Also, machine or hand wash. One size fits … Read more

How To Prevent Dehydration In Our Loved Ones

Dehydration|Senior couple holding glasses of water

  Dehydration is a common problem faced by our elderly loved ones Dehydration is a serious condition, that can create many secondary complications. Getting our elderly loved ones to drink more of fluids is not easy. And it sometimes becomes a daunting task to get them to drink enough water throughout the day. Dehydration in … Read more

How To Help A Loved One Who Has Behavior Challenges


  Behavior challenges of aging can bring some challenging behavior for our loved ones. Also, our parents do not always enjoy this journey of their life. Degenerative diseases Decline in mental functioning Sudden set back in physical capability These behavior challenges can make our seniors grumpy, irritated, stubborn, and even rude. Anger is usually a … Read more

How To Incorporate The Anti-Inflammatory Diet For Seniors

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

  Anti-Inflammatory diet definition In the first place, An anti-inflammatory diet is widely regarded as healthy.  In other words, even if it doesn’t help with your condition, it can help lower your chances of having other problems.  For one thing, an anti-inflammatory diet is really very simple.  Another key point is, it supports the body by … Read more

How To Help Your Loved One With Pneumonia

Pneumonia patient receiving respiratory therapy

  Pneumonia – A common problem among the elderly  It is a dreadful condition that can cause major problems. As our senior’s age, there is a significant decline in their immunity. This makes them susceptible to contract infections of all kinds. It is an infection, that attacks the respiratory function of our elderly. Furthermore, if … Read more