How A Light Therapy Lamp Help With Sundowning

Light Therapy Lamp

Light therapy lamp help with sundowning Sundowning is a problem, that is common in seniors with depression, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and mood disorders. Symptoms of sundowning begin during the late afternoon when the sunlight begins to go down. Your loved one starts to experience sudden bouts of: Irritability Restlessness Confusion Agitation, Often, the symptoms may also … Read more

How To Buy One of The Best Portable Patient Lifts

Portable Patient Lifts

The challenges of  the portable patient lifts   Moving your body from one place to another is a luxury that people with neuromuscular weakness or disease do not have.   Those who have challenges are with muscle weakness must rely on their caregivers to assist them with their mobility. Yet, caregivers can develop back pain, … Read more

How To Effectively Master A Hoyer Lift Now

Hoyer Lift

    Using a Hoyer to make lifting easier It is important to realize, getting older and having to depend on others for help is hard.  As a result, our senior loved one’s activity level decreases.   Must be remembered, because of weakening bones combined with limited mobility.  Proper care, timely medications, and love can help … Read more

How To Effectively Use And Learn Memo24 Reminder System


Memo24 reminder system and cognitive impairment Memo24 reminder system helps with cognitive diseases.  Alzheimer’s and other cognitive diseases are now one of the fastest growing threat in the world. By 2050, Alzheimer’s will affect 1 in 85 people globally. Another gloomy statistic is that in the USA alone. There are 125,000 yearly deaths from the … Read more

Top 20 Alzheimer’s Present For The Holidays

Alzheimer's Presents

Alzheimer’s Present 1.  Alzheimer’s present – MX-LOCare Personal GPS Safety Watch – BR2 – Black   Alzheimer’s present is a great suggestion and a personal emergency safety device. It reduces the risk of impaired individuals by alerting caregivers or loved ones of their location. It is a mobile personal emergency response system, optional panic alert, … Read more

Top 25 Great Gifts For Your Senior Loved Ones


Gifts of Happiness 1.   Women’s Mild Compression Wide Calf Knee High Support Socks Support your legs with these stylish gifts!  For one thing, printed compression knee highs have calibrated compression and are great for everyday use to relieve swelling and fatigue while improving circulation.  Also, nylon/spandex blend. Also, machine or hand wash. One size fits … Read more

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