The Ultimate Caregiving Expert website is here to support busy caregivers caring for their parents, relatives and other loved one’s.

I am Tena L. Scallan, the Ultimate Caregiving Expert, I am available to assist you with navigating and locating the senior care resources to help you with the demanding and loving role of caring for your loved ones.  I understand how a caregiving experience can impact you physically, mentally and emotionally.

Does this sound like your situation? 

  • Husband finding his wife on the floor calling 911, not knowing what direction to go in after she was diagnosed with a serious illness.
  • Wife struggling to care for her husband with Alzheimer’s with no friends or family to help.
  • Daughter caring for her father with cancer and how hard it was to cope alone.
  • Busy entrepreneur running a business and caring for a sick loved one. 
  • Are you a spouse, business owner, or relative who now has to put your own needs and responsibilities on the back burner to care for your loved one?
  • Do you feel that no one understands what you are going through or how he or she can help you?
There is not a single caregiving incident that I have not experienced.   I know how confusing and frustrating this situation can be.
Let me help make your life easier for you and your loved ones.  I have years of experience within the healthcare realm and would do everything I can to ease your trust and fears.

Working with me, I will:

  • Create and manage your loved one’s care plan
  • Be your spokesperson to translate, decipher, delegate, and coordinate your loved one’s care management
  • And manage the administration tasks for your business so it stays organized and running smoothly

. . . All while you provide your loved one with what they need from you, your love and attention. Without the stress and confusion of dealing with the caregiving and healthcare system.

30 Minute Sessions
60 Minute Sessions

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