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Who is a Virtual assistant for?

A virtual assistant is for the busy caregiver’s/healthcare professionals.   Medical services have improved tremendously over the years. and this has led to a sudden rise in the longevity of the human population. Also, this has caused the population of senior citizens to increase massively. With an expected rise in the population of seniors, 24/7 patient monitoring becomes an imperative task. With a full-time job, Caregiving can become a strenuous job for busy adult children. The fact is,  that adult children have their own family, job, and education to handle. Taking care of parents or elderly relatives can become a difficult task.  This is why asking for help in your professional life can make your caregiving life much easier.

Why should you hire a Virtual Assistant?

It is always a good idea to share one’s responsibilities and look for ways to organize tasks so that you don’t create an unnecessary burden on yourself. Remember, when things become too difficult to handle alone, it is always better to let a virtual assistant help with other tasks of lifeHowever, hiring a caregiver is one issue, and managing other caregiving-related work is another. Handling various tasks, along with caregiving is never easy. If you want to give 100% attention as a caregiver, then you need to seriously think of dispersing the workload.

What Virtual Assistant services does The Ultimate Caregiving Expert Provide?


Are you wanting to concentrate on the caregiving part, but secretly wish for someone who would take care of your to-do list and help with your work. Here comes in the role of a virtual assistant. The Ultimate Caregiving Expert can provide services to busy healthcare professionals or adult caregivers from a remote location. A virtual assistant would take care of your tasks efficiently and help you concentrate on your work.

Are you:

  • Trying to do it all with not enough hours in the day?
  • To promote your business with a long list of task to do?
  • Overwhelmed with researching material vital to your companies need?
  • Frustrated with trying to update calendars and check emails, while they pile up?
  • Finding yourself being busy instead of productive?

Let The Ultimate Caregiving Expert help make your life easier for you and your loved ones. So instead of accomplishing those important (but time-consuming) administrative tasks, you get the most valuable asset in business: more time to focus on what matters most.  Here is a list of things she provides.

Services Provided

  • Administrative duties
  • Content writing
  • Email organization & marketing
  • Social media organization and marketing
  • Web & Design
  • And many more miscellaneous duties

How do I hire The Ultimate Caregiving Expert as your virtual assistant

If you are a healthcare professional, or a busy adult caregiver, who is looking for someone to handle your tasks with competency. Then you can rely on Tena Scallan as your virtual assistant. With her exceptional knowledge on caregiving, and extensive years of experience in this area. Tena can be your ideal choice for fixing all your needs related to caregiving.

Tena has hands-on expertise in managing several kinds of tasks at ease. Also, she has successfully handled several other businesses with ease and skill. With Tena around, you can concentrate on your tasks of Caregiving, and leave the rest for her to handle. To hire The Ultimate Caregiving Expert, Schedule your complimentary consultation today! We will use this opportunity to make sure we are the perfect fit before you commit.


For more information on this, you can visit her business page, hereTena Scallan is a long time business owner dedicating her life to the healthcare field.  For years, she worked in practically every department of a hospital for 6 years. Then, she was the administrative assistant at a Home Health Agency for 7 years. Finally, starting and running her own homemaker/companion service with 26 incredible men and women for 12 years. After dedicating her life to helping those in need, she moved online to have even a greater impact.  She gave up her business because of the growing problems in caregiving. And decided to do something about it. She now has a fresh perspective on both sides of the fence and now feel that she is knowledgeable enough to help everyone on everything with a heavy workload.
Virtual Assistant

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  1. Tena, just wanted to let you know it is so refreshing to know you are in such awareness with the broad aspects of healthcare and the Caregivers alike. Thank-you!!


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