Administrative task

How Can I Help With Administrative Tasks As A Caregiving Expert

Administrative task

Administrative tasks can be a pain

Most administrative tasks can be a pain. But a virtual assistant is a blessing for many small business entrepreneurs. They help the owners with miscellaneous tasks. Giving them ample time to focus on the core areas of their business.
Successfully managing a business involves the effective use of resources and time management. Yet, one must not forget, that success is never achieved alone and involves teamwork. Handling each task becomes tedious. And does not always allow you to focus on the areas which need your attention. So, work allocation becomes one of the major criteria for effectively handling and managing a business. One of the various tasks that eat up a major part of your time is administrative tasks. You cannot ignore these tasks, and also cannot spend hours doing them alone.

Tasks a virtual assistant can do

To run your business successfully, you need to value your time. To get a productive outcome, you need to divide tasks, that need your least attention. When I say, ‘tasks that need your least attention’. This implies several non–core tasks, that run your business smoothly. However, these tasks may not be directly linked to the main enterprise of your business. Let us understand these non–core tasks. Below is a comprehensive list of tasks that are non–core tasks of a business.
  • Administrative tasks, such as phone handling, emails, maintaining contact lists, etc.
  • Technical tasks, which include research, social media, promotion, and marketing
  • Back office tasks, such as accounting, payment of bills and resources
The time required to do all the above tasks would really be huge. Of all the above-mentioned tasks, if we only consider email handling and filtering. It will require almost two hours of your day every day, for completion. To add to this, am sure you would certainly not like it if your phone keeps ringing continuously when you are working on an important assignment. Let us understand that all these tasks are extremely time-consuming that can prevent you from focussing on your business. And, while running a business, time management is extremely important. Therefore, you need to use it wisely. All these non – core tasks can be very well handled by a virtual assistant.
Although we call them non–core tasks, these are equally essential tasks, necessary for the proper functioning of your business.

How can a virtual assistant help you with administrative tasks

A virtual assistant is capable of delivering high – end quality work. By handling various types of administrative tasks. The types of administrative tasks, largely depend on the type of work handled by your firm. Your VA can handle all these tasks with minimum supervision from your end. Your virtual assistant can help you with the following administrative tasks:
  • Answering calls and replying to emails:

Your virtual assistants are ideal for correspondence work. They are experts in answering calls and replying to emails. The amount of workload can vary from one week to another, but it can also increase during the holiday season. This is the time when your clients would send out season greetings and courtesy holiday cards. Well, you would not have the time to reply to all these. And your virtual assistant is your best help during such trying times.

  • Scheduling your meetings with clients and staff:

Your virtual assistant can also schedule your calls and meetings with your clients. In addition to this, he/she could also become the focal point of meeting attendees, who would want technical guidance and assistance.
  • Looking after your travel arrangements:

Travel arrangements are best made by your virtual assistant. While you busy with several other commitments. Your virtual assistant can search for the best places where you can stay and also book the same at the best price.
  • Booking your travel:

Booking flights and looking out for the best travel deals can be a daunting task for you. It is always best to delegate this task to your virtual assistant. Who would look out for the best deals for you and book your travel and save your money too!!
  • Making presentations:

Virtual assistants are capable of making presentations. And they also have access to the latest word processing software. They can develop the charts, tables, diagrams, graphs, for illustrating the data for the presentation. Moreover, if you are going to address a group, then your VA can also make a digital slideshow.
  • Doing market research and preparing data:

Virtual assistants can also help you with market research. And can also do online research on several topics. They would then, summarize the findings and prepare the data for you.
  • Addressing customer queries:

Addressing customer queries is yet another task, that can take up a hell lot of your time. Your virtual assistant can address the queries raised by customers, and can also give you feedback regarding the same. If you are not satisfied with his / her way of communicating with the clients, then you can always ask them and train them in your own unique way.
  • Taking care of the calendar:

You certainly don’t want to schedule and arranging and then again rescheduling meetings with your clients. In many a case, it may so happen that, a client is not available for meeting on a particular day and wants to reschedule his / her meeting. In such a scenario, your virtual assistant would schedule and reschedule meetings with your consent and effectively take care of your calendar. Your VA would also remind you well in advance about your upcoming appointments with prospective clients so that you are well prepared in advance.

Administrative Tasks giving you a headache?

Need help with your administrative tasks? Are you a caregiver or a busy entrepreneur, who has multiple responsibilities and are looking for some respite. Then you are in the right place. Being a caregiver myself, I can very well understand your miscellaneous responsibilities. And handling business along with this is certainly not going to be a cakewalk for you. I can help you with administrative tasks, while you can sit back and relax and focus on tasks that require your attention. If you wish to work with me, then kindly contact me for more details.
Administrative Task

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