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How To Effectively Help A Loved One With Tube Feeding

What is tube feeding?

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A medical device provides nutrition to your loved one who cannot get food by mouth. That is unable to swallow safely or needs nutritional supplementation.
Tube feeding becomes necessary when our loved ones suffer from various diseases. That prevented them from swallowing. Instead, it allows our loved ones to get their daily need of nutrients and medications through the tube. In some cases, our loved one may need partial tube feeding. But in severe cases, tube feeding would be the only option.
Tube feeding at home brings along a new set of challenges and responsibilities. It is pretty natural and obvious to have apprehensions the same. Ask your healthcare provider in case of any doubts so that you can do justice to your role as a caregiver.

Facts about tube feeding

Tube feeding is not always a pleasant experience for our loved ones. We, as caregivers, should acknowledge this fact. And work towards making it an easy process for our loved ones. Here are specific facts we should be aware of as family caregivers and our loved ones.
  • Maintaining tube feed hygiene is essential in keeping our loved ones healthy. Wash and clean the tube several times a day. This is necessary to wash off all the feed remnants in the box. If not cleaned off properly, it can become a potential source of infection for our loved ones.
  • Tube feeding is not a painful process in itself. But having the tube inside your body can become unbearable. Imagine having a foreign body inside your body around the clock. It can become irritating and sad in the long run. In the process, granulated tissues gradually get deposited around the tube. This can cause intense pain during the movement of the abdominal muscles. Moreover, these granular tissues cannot be easily removed. And can make matters difficult during the tube feeding process.
  • What does tube feeding mean? In medical terms, tube feeding means enteral feeding.
  • Our loved ones with a tube inserted can take a bath regularly. However, caregivers should be careful while bathing them. Because if water gets inside the stomach, it can lead to infections.

Ways to perfect your tube feeds

Once your loved one is back home and appears to be more adjusted to their feeding tube, you will want to offer them more flexibility with their feeds. Here are various ways to optimize tube feeds.

Continuous feeding

Give this type of feed slowly and gradually through the pump. Continuous feed requires a longer time as compared to the other types. There are two ways in which you can have continuous feeding. The first is a backpack with feed which you can have when you go out and carry your normal activities. Another way is to have an overnight dinner, which can take part or the entire meal to gain more flexibility during the day.

Bolus feeding

In this type of feeding, you can give small feeds at intervals which usually takes lesser time. This helps you to take your meals even when you are outside. And also gives you the flexibility to plan your meals with your family members.

Combination feeding

This is the combination of continuous as well as bolus feeding. This is by far a much better method. As it helps meet the demands of your loved ones and also fits well in their daily schedule.
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Feeding tubes does not mean the end of the world.

Many think having a feeding tube means “the end of the world.” However, this is not true. A feeding tube will allow you to create the function normally. Despite specific organ disabilities you are living with. This will affect all facets of your life. But it will still allow you to do your daily activities normally. Let’s learn how to live an everyday life with a feeding tube. Here is how:

  • Change your sleeping position. You will have to change your favorite sleeping position. For this, we need to teach our loved ones to either sleep on their back or side.
  • Ask for help with daily activities. Normal activities can get complex. The tube can come in the way of everyday activities. However, we can help our loved ones with their daily routine until they slowly adjust to the tube.
  • Traveling will be a bit different. Carry an extra feeding bag for traveling. You must get the doctor’s consent if you want to travel by air.
  • Bathing and Pools can be a challenge. So take special precautions while bathing. And avoid all public pools to cut the risk of infection.


Call your health care provider.

Setting up a home tube feeding is not an easy task. It will bring several challenges to the family caregiver, even more so when our loved ones show signs of discomfort or illness. Many times, there may be a problem with the tube itself. It may get clogged due to specific formula feed, or the box may appear bent. In such cases, trying to fix the problem at home is a good idea. But in more severe cases, you need to call your healthcare provider.
Our loved ones with tube feeding may show signs of infection or food intolerance. As caregivers, we need to be aware of these signs. Many changes may indicate an infection. And or any food intolerance includes the following. Also, check out this post on thick it.
  • The skin around the tube area has turned red and is warm to the touch.
  • There is more drainage than usual, and it has a foul smell.
  • There is a change in the color of the drainage, which is coffee-colored.
  • If there is a fever accompanied by vomiting and or nausea.
  • Sudden weight loss or rapid weight gain.
  • Your loved one may get constipated or may experience diarrhea.
  • Stomach pain or gets bloated and feels tight.


Tube Feeding is not the end of the world but a new normal. By following the above tips and suggestions, you will be fine. If at any time, do not hesitate to call your doctor’s office for advice. It can be challenging to attend to your loved one with tube feeding, but it’s not impossible. With the proper knowledge, you can do this. Remember to care for yourself and keep your business going while caregiving. I’m here to assist you on this journey. Schedule your planning session with me to see how to keep your life and business running smoothly. Also, here is an article about how food can boost and benefit many illnesses. Finally, check out this article about feeding your loved ones.



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