How to Love Your Loved One In Caregiving Now



Loving and Caring

I would like to wish you a Happy Valentines Day to all, February is no doubt the month of love. Caring for your loved ones can be very stressful. But with lots of love and care, you can make things a whole lot easier and enjoyable for both of you. Go through your daily living having respect, good manners and patients will make things a whole lot easier. As a caregiver, we spend our day communicating with family members, friends, and loved ones being cared for. Using your common sense will help you figure out that the people you are caring for will require an extra measure of consideration. It will take good manners to preserve the love and respect between you and your loved one.

To Maintain Happiness While Caring

  • Do not be fooled by anger, remember that your loved one may be angry at his illness or condition, not at you. Do not take the anger personally and do not let it affect the kind of care you provide.
  • Manage your emotions, you will likely have strong emotions as you care for your patient. Arrange to take a break from caregiving when you feel overwhelmed.
  • Be understanding and have patience when your loved ones do not feel their best.
  • Concentrate on your loved one’s needs, it’s about what they want and needs.
  • Preserve your loved one’s feelings of independence and let them do what they can, for as long as they can.
  • Show respect and be polite.
  • Keep noise to a minimum.
  • Speak less and listen more.
  • Smile, it will brighten your loved one’s day.
  • Avoid stress and remain confident.
  • Be a good listener, try to stop what you are doing, no matter how important it is. Listen to what the person says. Talking may be your patient’s greatest need at the moment.
  • Be Trustworthy, do not gossip with the rest of your family or friends. Respect your loved one’s privacy.
  • Be Dependable, do what you say you are going to do when you say you will do it.


  • Argue, instead agree with what is said.
  • Give a reason, instead divert to a different subject.
  • Shame, instead try to distract with something else.
  • Lecture, instead reassure that everything is going to be ok.
  • Say “Remember”, instead reminisce of a good memory.
  • Say “You can not”, instead Say “Do what you can.
  • Command or Demand anything instead, ask them or show them.
  • Be condescending, instead encourage and praise them.
  • Force anything instead, reinforce in a nice way.

Caregiving is about being sincere and cares about the dignity, well-being, and feelings of their loved ones. Use your good manners to promote kindness and compassion.

Caregiver Rules

What I have learned about Caregiving is that every situation is different and that every situation has to be handled differently. So treat every caregiving experience as though it is a new challenge and a chance to learn and do something new and rewarding, or something difficult and not so rewarding. I have taken care of over 1000 clients and found that when you are not able to care for yourself and ask for help, they want you to help in every way humanly possible to make their lives as whole and normal as possible.

To Make Things Easier

  • Always have a smile when you come in, a smile can brighten any day.
  • Wear clean and maintained cloths. when you look good, they want to look good as well.
  • Respect the Home, do not go through things, unless you ask first if it is ok to do so.
  • Always ask, what they would like to do instead of forcing the situation.
  • Make safety a priority at all times.
  • Check out this other article on caregiving work-life balance.


When your loved ones are happy everyone is happy. When our loved ones feel content and fulfilled, this feeling comes from having our needs met physically and emotionally. We can be warm, dry, and full of food, but still, be unhappy. Our emotions and our feelings let us know when we are unhappy and when something is missing or needed. The better we can identify our loved one’s emotions, the easier it will be to determine what is need to be happy. So try your best to make you and your loved ones happy every day. Also, check out helpful and appreciated gifts to brighten your loved one’s day.










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