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My Personal Caregiving Goals For The Future

What Is Your Caregiving Goals Story?

My personal caregiving goals have been amazing! I have been an experienced caregiver, a patient advocate and a caregiving consultant from a very early age. My sister was born with a birth defect. Secondly, my mother was always in poor health due to her liver did not work properly. Lastly, my father had a bleeding ulcer and a major heart attack and I had endometriosis most of my life. So yes I am well aware of the healthcare system.
When I was 14, I became a candy striper at the local hospital. And continued working as a candy striper until I graduated high school. Then, continued my education in healthcare. Getting a medical/business administration degree from Nunez Community College in 1991.

My Experience in Caregiving

Soon after graduation, I went to work at Humana Hospital. Working in Utilization Review, Social Services, Infection Control, Quality Assurance, Nursing, and Administration. Then I worked at a Home Health Agency for 7 years as an Administrative Assistant. Gaining vast amounts of experience that would lead me to start my own company and the beginning of my caregiving goals.
In 2000 I opened up my own Homemaker/Companion Service for 12 years to gain extensive experience for my caregiving goal. When I gave up my license in 2012. I had 32 wonderful employees from Louisiana to Florida. Gaining so much knowledge and experience from working with over 1000 patients. Dealing with ailments from Alzheimer’s to Thrombosis.
In 2001 I got very ill. My tonsils were swollen and I had a high fever. Thought it was tonsillitis. But after weeks of antibiotics, the doctors diagnosed me with Lymphoma. I went into surgery to have my lymphoid removed. After surgery, they told me it was that I did not have cancer and I was fine. After that massive ordeal, I was so angry but the system said it was medically necessary and that was that. So you see, I have been in every healthcare problem there is to have. This has been a learning experience for my caregiving goals.

Why Do You Want To Help Others Journey Through Their Healthcare Experience?

I gave up my business because of the growing problems in healthcare and the caregiving industry. The ridiculous rules and regulations that will not allow me to give tender loving care. I did not want to give up without trying to do something to better the industry, so I wrote a book. I wanted to teach everyone in the world how to care for their loved ones, this was the second phase of my caregiving goals.
The Ultimate Compassionate Guide to Caregiving is a new and innovative book. It is here to assist with all aspects of daily living. It is designed to teach you to care for your family’s loved ones. Keeping them at home independently in the 21st century. The implementation of my mission involves listening closely to patients. Taking the time to learn about their needs and understanding of their environment. Through my work with hundreds of patients. I have established a reputation for our capabilities in private and healthcare environments for my caregiving goals.

What makes this book unique?

It will take the overwhelming focus of the unknown. And provide personalized attention to the most delicate detail. It will cover a great deal of information. Guiding everyone in everything there is to know about caring for anyone anytime in a gratifying manner. The book’s intended audience will be everyone that has to care for a loved one. This book started out as an educational tool for my employees. To care for others in the home as if I were providing the care myself. In creating this book, I have examined the obstacles of caregiving. Such as working families not having the time or the knowledge to care for their loved ones properly. And the rising cost of our health care system.

Why Do You Want To Start Something New?

I establish a connection, which is our poor health care system. I relate to the problem. And am passionate and knowledgeable to fix it. I have a moral obligation to share my experience and product with the world. Dedicating my life to helping others in need. I would love to assist and educate everyone in the caregiving industry for the next endeavor of my caregiving goals. As well as those family members providing care to their aging loved ones at home. With attention to every detail, with the utmost care and compassion. As we know, when you are cared for properly, you look and feel better. My philosophy is to strive to teach others to fully appreciate and understand all aspects of caring for others.

What Personal Goals Do You Hope to Satisfy? Are You Starting Because You Want To Achieve Something? Or Because You Want To Leave Something Else Behind?

I would like to find a new niche in the caregiving industry. To help with the many problems facing today’s home caregiving services. As we grow older, caregiving gets more complex and complicated. Aging or illness does not have to result in giving up your home, or your lifestyle. I have always been a leader. And being my own boss will give me great satisfaction to help many people and industries at once for my caregiving goals.

Is This A Long-Term Career Plan? Or Something Else?

This is a long-term plan. I would like to create a virtual company that will help everyone in the caregiving industry. I would love to educate and inspire caregivers, children of senior parents and seniors themselves to fulfill my caregiving goals.

What Support Do You Have From Those Around You?

I have a massive support system. From every corner of caregiving. I have the support of social media, the senior centers, churches, hospitals, case managers, gerontologists, hospice, home health agencies, homemaker/companion services, caregivers and more.

Are You Trying To Prove Something To Yourself? Or Prove Something To Others?

I am not trying to prove anything to others, or myself. Just trying to help fix today’s healthcare crisis. Furthermore, I will be a senior citizen one day. And it scares me to death to know how things will evolve for my own healthcare and retirement. As of 2015, we are in crisis mode. Between the Millennial, baby boomers, sandwich generation, we are heading for catastrophe. We need to educate ourselves, train caregivers properly. And fix our growing healthcare problems to have a proper caregiving goal in this country and beyond.
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