How To Give Home Safety To Our Senior Parents

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Worrying about our Senior Parents Home Safety  It is important to realize when our senior parents or loved ones are forced to stay alone and manage on their own.  As a result, it can come with added risks that can sometimes become life-threatening.  For this reason, home safety is a growing problem and I am … Read more

How To Effectively Prevent More Falls For Seniors


Fall Statistics Our seniors are prone to frequent falls, which can in many cases turn fatal. According to the statistic estimates. About one in every 4 American seniors fall every year. Falls are a common problem and can happen to anyone, anywhere. But, they are more common for our seniors. And the associated injuries are … Read more

How to Fall and Get Up from the Floor When No One is Around


Man fallen on floor|How to Fall and Get Up from the Floor When No One is Around

Assisting the Patient to Fall 

First of all, If you are with a patient who becomes weak or dizzy during a transfer or ambulation, try to ease them down to the floor.  Grasp the patient firm around the waist, using the gait belt if one is available.   Lower the patient to the floor by bending your knees and keeping your back straight.  Do not try to stop a fall because both of you could get injured.

If there is another person in the home, call for help. Check for injuries, and call 911 if necessary. If there are no obvious injuries, help the patient into a comfortable position on the floor. Use pillows, blankets, etc. Allow the patient to rest. You should take a few deep breaths and try to remain calm. Decide if you are able to assist the patient to get up or if you will need extra help.  If you do not feel confident about moving your patient, do not attempt it.  Call for help.

Assisting Yourself to Get Up When No-One is Around

If you have fallen, DO NOT PANIC.  How you respond after the initial fall can create added injuries than the fall itself.  Once you are down, do not try to get up to fast.  Assess the situation to make sure there are no severe injuries.  STAY CALM, breathe easy, and if you are not hurt; then try to get up with these techniques. In conclusion If you are injured, call 911 or yell for help.


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