How To Be The Best Long-Distance Family Caregiver

Long Distance Care

  Long-Distance Family Caregiver Challenges  Being a long-Distance family caregiver can become a difficult challenge faced by many adult children around the world.   November is National Family Caregivers Month and I want to help.  Certain emergency situations require unique challenges that may seem impossible to fix from such a long-distance, but not impossible.  Relocating to … Read more

How to be a Caregiver After Hip Fracture

    Hip fractures and Caring for our Seniors A hip fracture is a pretty common occurrence in seniors.   With a steady increase in chances of hip fractures after the age of 50 years.  Osteoporosis is a common ailment during old age.  Which makes senior women more prone to falls and fractures. Reasons to Frequent Falls … Read more

How To Use A Hoyer Lift in Senior Care

Hoyer Lift

  It is important to realize, getting older and having to depend on others for help is hard.  As a result, our senior loved one’s activity level decreases.   Must be remembered, because of weakening bones combined with limited mobility.  Proper care, timely medications, and love can help the senior live a fulfilling life.  In spite of … Read more

How to Care For Your Loved Ones When They Are Bedridden


  Quality Care for Parents who are Bedridden First thing to remember, caring for parents who are bedridden is a difficult task.  In other words, our parents become immobile.  As a result, they are unable to perform their daily tasks on their own.  Under these circumstances, this requires extra effort on the part of the children or caregivers. Another … Read more

How to Give Your Senior Parent TLC After a Stroke

TLC after a Stroke

  What to expect after a Stroke First of all, a stroke is a debilitating condition.   And a common occurrence among individuals aged 65 years and above.  In other words, after an attack of a stroke, there are many forms of disabilities that set in.  For these reasons, these disabilities are often severe and … Read more

12 Useful Gadgets For Your Senior Parents

  Helpful Gadgets for Family Caregivers First of all, Our normal daily routine gets crazy when our senior parents get sick.  From giving them medications to taking them to their doctor appointments, it becomes our prime duty.  By the same token, leaving them alone at home does not give us a peace of mind.  What … Read more

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