Provided us with a sense of security

This is a letter of recommendation for Tena Scallan and Independent Living Services, Inc. Ms. Scallan and her service have provided care for my sister, Pearl Chauvin, for over five years.

Our family was in crisis when my 88 year-old sister was living alone and then hospitalized. We needed 24-hour care for her. Tena’s service provided around the clock care for her in her own home.

The care was very personal and became almost family like for Pearl. This was so important to us because we live in another part of the state. We fully trusted the caretakers with Pearl. This provided us with a sense of security and confidence knowing and trusting Pearl to Independent Living Services, Inc.

My family and I will always be grateful for the care provided. It has become necessary for us to say goodbye to Pearl. Pearl past away at the age of 93 surrounded by Tena and her wonderful employees.

We have no difficulty recommending Independent Living Services, Inc. as a care provider and Tena Scallan for training such wonderful employees. They are courteous, caring, family-oriented and professional.


Muriel Darois