The ultimate caregiver expert is the perfect title for Tena Scallan—But maybe not in the way you normally think…

Tena is also the ultimate caregiver in reinventing your social and digital platforms. The three things I love most about working with this fabulous woman aka virtual assistant, are:

  • She listens to understand the vision you have in your head and then immediately goes about digitally creating it.
  • She has a vast and fast grasp of what to do as she has done it before with her books and business.
  • She has compassionately transferred the caregiving she has provided for real people for over 20 years to caring for your digital and virtual projects, products, AND YOU!

What I love most is the number of people who are asking me who did your new website or your web and social media presence is beautiful and has totally changed. How did you do that? I simply tell them I have the ultimate caregiving expert on my team! If you’re wise, you’ll have her on yours too.

I love this woman for the total transformation she has made in my business and me!

I highly recommend Tena for your business’s care, nurturing, and feeding!

I never want to be again without this remarkable woman’s virtual assistance, caring, and heart.

My business is in a substantially better position since Tena Scallan entered my world 3 months ago. #Grateful