The Ultimate Virtual Assistant

Hi everyone, my name is Carol J. Dunlop. I’m known as the Online WOW! Strategist, and I’m also a 3X Best-Selling author. I am here to give Tena Scallan, The Ultimate Caregiving Expert, and Virtual Assist some praise!

She works with frazzled business owners who are also functioning as caregivers to a loved one. Tena, who is an excellent virtual assistant! She came to my aid because I was creating a brand-new podcast and recorded my first ten episodes. She had made all the transcripts and did a super fantastic job. She also gave me some extra stuff. She put it all together, so it flowed correctly with a little synopsis that I could use for marketing.

It was perfect, and it was astonishing, quick, and accessible. I gave Tena the instructions, and she did what I wanted and went above and beyond, giving me back what I needed. So, I highly recommend Tena Scallan for any virtual assistants for your business so you won’t have to pull your hair out like I was almost about to do because I was in tears when I went to her and told her what I needed. She jumped on it super quick and got everything done in two days. I mean, who does that? Who gets transcripts for ten things done in just a couple of days? It was amazing. It was awesome. I will use her again and again, and I suggest that you use her as well.

The other thing that she is good at is Caregiving and helping you to be the best caregiver. She has a vast amount of information about Caregiving to help you out quickly. So if you need one of two things either you have a loved one that you are Caregiving for, she can give you all the ins and outs, or if you want virtual assistants to help try to run your business, you know how crazy and draining that can be so if you need someone to help you Tena is that person.