A lot of extra TLC

In 2011, I moved my elderly father to live closer to me to help care for him in his aging years.  I met Tena Scallan in February 2011 and she and I talked about his care. She and her staff provided elder care for my father from February 2011 to August 2011.  During that time he received excellent service, care and just a lot of extra “TLC” from her staff.  I couldn’t have been more pleased and my father loved his cargivers as though they were his own family.

Thank you Tena for helping me during that time.

Mary T. Churillo, RN
Niceville, Fla.

Could not have survived without her

The staff of Fort Walton Medical Hospital recommended Independent Living Services, Inc. to us. My wife was always in good health and very capable. When she fell ill she was not the same and we knew we would need help from others. She is a very proud woman and did not like strangers in her home.

Tena Scallan send several employees for us to meet and they all made us feel very comfortable. All the employees were very knowledgeable, caring and organized. They came in before my wife was released from the hospital and cleaned the whole house, did all the laundry and cooked several meals and froze them for my wife and me. When she got home, they were very attentive to her needs: they assisted her while walking, prepared and assisted with her meals, and ran errands for us. They made us feel as if we known them our whole lives, made us feel like family.

I could not have survived without her and her great staff. They cared for us for approximately 2 months for 8 hours a day 7 days a week. Now they assist us when needed, I use the service about 3 times a week for 3-4 hours per day. Tena and her staff are very caring and organized and being in the military that meant a lot.

I even purchased her book “The Ultimate Compassionate Guide to Caregiving”. The book helped me immensely when they were not around, it taught me how to transfer my wife from the bed to the toilet and it was loaded with a lot of helpful information. We would highly recommend Independent Living Services, Inc., Tena and her staff to anyone.

Mr. Paul Bratton

Provided us with a sense of security

This is a letter of recommendation for Tena Scallan and Independent Living Services, Inc. Ms. Scallan and her service have provided care for my sister, Pearl Chauvin, for over five years.

Our family was in crisis when my 88 year-old sister was living alone and then hospitalized. We needed 24-hour care for her. Tena’s service provided around the clock care for her in her own home.

The care was very personal and became almost family like for Pearl. This was so important to us because we live in another part of the state. We fully trusted the caretakers with Pearl. This provided us with a sense of security and confidence knowing and trusting Pearl to Independent Living Services, Inc.

My family and I will always be grateful for the care provided. It has become necessary for us to say goodbye to Pearl. Pearl past away at the age of 93 surrounded by Tena and her wonderful employees.

We have no difficulty recommending Independent Living Services, Inc. as a care provider and Tena Scallan for training such wonderful employees. They are courteous, caring, family-oriented and professional.


Muriel Darois

Skill, safety, dignity, and honor

Tena entered our lives at the recommendations of the best home health nurse and the best physical therapist January 2016 to June 2016.

Tena taught me how to safely give my Mother a shower after a stroke. She took her cues from Mom, how Mom liked to take her clothes off.

Tena is sharp, remembering how Mom likes things. Mom likes hot chocolate and muffins, Tena fixed it perfectly. Tena is willing to try new recipes successfully.

Mom enjoyed Tena reading to her.

Tena took care of Mom with skill, safety, dignity, and honor.

Get ready for laughter, Tena enjoys life.



Came to my family’s rescue

Dear Tena,

Please keep this letter as a recommendation for you and Independent Living Services. You came to my family’s rescue five years ago.

My wife’s aunt was hospitalized and in need of 24 hour care. Aunt Pearl wanted to stay in her own home. We arranged with you to do that. The nurse at the hospital highly recommended your service.

I researched you and other providers. Independent was our first choice. You set up 24-hour care for Pearl. That care continued for five years until Pearl’s passing at age 93.

On behalf of my wife and I we thank you and Independent Living Services, Inc. for the love and care provided to Pearl.

Albert and Cynthia Kovatch

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