How To Travel With The Elderly With Incontinence Briefs and Wheelchairs

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Travel – Tips for traveling with a senior citizen

Travel can be fun and many of our seniors wish to travel across the globe and enjoy their life to the fullest. Which they were not able to when they were busy raising their families. However, with age, many seniors do not experience good health and are unable to travel long distance due to physical limitations. In addition to physical limitations, there is umpteen number of problems that our elderly suffer from. Let’s check them out.
  • Incontinence issues
  • Handicapped
  • Memory loss / poor memory
  • Irritable Mood
Physical disabilities should not become a roadblock for our aging seniors. And this should also not refrain them from enjoying traveling. Planning well in advance and keeping in mind several tips, can help you take your elderly around the world comfortably.

Traveling tips for seniors with physical disabilities

Traveling with an elderly can become difficult if he/she is suffering from chronic health conditions such as:
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Heart problems
  • Or any condition with limitations.
Such a condition can make traveling a complex affair. Even though you are traveling by your family car, plane or a cruise ship. Regardless of the mode of travel, there are many other things that need planning well in advance. Whenever you think about traveling with your elderly. However difficult the entire planning may sound, there are certain tips to ease your traveling with elderly:
  • Pack wisely

Travel light and pack wisely is necessary to lessen the burden. Remember to pack the essential items, so that you have easy access to important numbers and documents in case of an emergency. Also, don’t forget to pack your elderly’s favorite drinks and snacks, to make the journey more fulfilling. You also need to keep the medications and carry a pill organizer. Which would save the hassle of opening the entire medicine box while traveling.
  • Pack the essentials 

Many senior adults run the risk of suffering from Deep vein thrombosis when they have to sit for longer durations. In this condition, blood clots develop in the legs, which gradually disrupt the blood flow. Incontinence is yet another major issue with our aging parents. If traveling by air, you would also want your loved one to be comfortable. 
  • Compression socks
  • Extra incontinence briefs
  • Travel pillow
  • Arrange for a wheelchair in advance

If you are traveling with your elderly by train or plane, make sure you arrange for a wheelchair well in advance. You also need to reach the station or airport with your elderly in advance. So that all the arrangements can be done on time. And the unnecessary last-minute rush and stress can be avoided. You are also required to inform the airline staff or the travel company that the assisted devices are available upon arrival. Check the hotel arrangements and see whether there are necessary devices to make the stay comfortable for your elderly.
  • Give breaks in between

Holidays can joyful with your elderly, only if you give them plenty of breaks in between. Constant rush and the need to reach every place on time, can spoil the mood and would also not be favorable for your elderly. Therefore, if you are on a road trip with your elderly, then you need to give them long breaks, during mealtime or for using the restroom. If you are traveling by flight, then ensure you reach the airport much before the check-in procedures begin. This would allow your elderly to settle down and get comfortable.
  • Plan a travel that accommodates the needs of your elderly

If you are traveling with an elderly suffering from Sundowner’s syndrome, then you need to be careful to avoid travel during evening time. Therefore the best is to plan your travel before evening so that you and your family members can make the most out of the trip.
  • Predictable daily schedule

If you plan a predictable daily schedule, then it would lessen the anxiety and agitation in your elderly with cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Take control of the diet

While traveling, you need to take care of the diet of your elderly. This is because, certain diet may trigger bladder spasms, and make matters worse for your elderly. Moreover, consuming sour and spicy foods and beverages such as tea and coffee can irritate your elderly’s bladder. Therefore, you need to limit these foods and give your elderly those foods, which can be easily tolerated by them. You also need to make sure that your elderly drinks plenty of water, so that dehydration does not further worsen the case.
Travelling may seem to become difficult. And unbearable experience for elderly who suffer from incontinence issues. Long travels, night stays, delays in flights, long waiting hours, may become unbearable and intolerable. Which may otherwise have been a pleasurable experience with family. Therefore, in order to avoid embarrassing situations and travel comfortably.
  • New Polymer briefs

There are adult incontinence briefs that have been using a special chain of polymers that have maximum absorbency. Moreover, these briefs keep the adult skin dry, as it keeps away the urine from the skin. The absorbency capability is so good, that your adult does not feel wet and itchy while using these. However, these briefs need to be changed after 8 hours in order to prevent leakage and other issues. In addition, you also need to take good care of adult skin. Pack vital things such as skin cream, wet wipes, soaps, moisturizer, so that the area can be thoroughly cleaned and moisturized once a day. You can also talk to your doctor about certain medications regarding incontinence, which can be taken during travel.

Elderly friendly destinations

If you are planning to take your elderly on a vacation, you can consider some of these elderly friendly destinations. While planning a trip with your elderly. You certainly would look for places, which have wheelchair ramps and lifts, so that your elderly can travel with ease. Here are some of the destinations, you would want to consider to travel with your elderly:
  • Japan

This country certainly tops the list, owing to its safe environment and temperate climate. Furthermore, Japan is known for its wheelchair-friendly cities. Where many of the establishments have provision for wheelchair ramps.
  • China

This is also considered as a senior-friendly destination. Owing to the availability of wheelchair ramps as well as lifts in popular tourist destinations.
  • Italy

Italy too is known for its rich culture and popular tourist destinations. The tourist spots have wheelchair ramps so that seniors can visit the sights, with ease and comfort.
  • Hong Kong

Elderly travelers would certainly have a fun filled time traveling to their destination. Apart from wheelchair friendly tourist places. Hong Kong also offers the special discount for senior travelers. And the public transport there is also wheelchair friendly.


Careful planning will allow you to spend a good vacation with your elderly. As they would be pretty comfortable with such arrangements. Taking care of their needs becomes our responsibility, once our parents reach 60 years. Some, of them, are pretty healthy and can travel the world on their own; while some get trapped due to their illness. In such situations, we need to understand their wants and needs and help them live their life with dignity. Also, for more information, check out this post on transferring. For additional help with your caregiving problems, please contact me so that I can help you.


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