The caregiving expectations can be overwhelming, devastating, and vulnerable, but it does not have to be this way…


Imagine if you knew to know…


  • How to cope with grief?
  • What to let go of?
  • When is it time for the end?
  • How to manage the emotions of it all?

IF the above sounds like what you need and have been searching for desperately . . . Then you need to enroll in The Ultimate Expectation of Caregiving with LESS Stress and MORE peace course!

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Hello, my name is Tena Scallan, and I will be your caregiving guide with LESS stress.

I have been a caregiving business owner, coach, consultant, best-selling author, and caregiver for the past 25 + years. I have dedicated my life to taking care of others. Now I would like to help you.

After spending all of these years helping those in need on the Gulf Coast, I have decided to move online to make a more significant impact. I gave up my business because of the growing problems in caregiving and resolved to do something about it. Finally, I became a private caregiver to see what was lacking in the industry and gain a fresh perspective on both sides of the fence.

Tena Scallan

By enrolling in this course, you’ll discover:

  • How to let go of expectations of caregiving?

  • How to know your loved one is going
    downhill and what to expect?
  • How to manage your expectations
    of what was supposed to be vs. what it really is in caregiving?

  • How to grieve after a terminal diagnosis or
    loss of a loved one, living or deceased?

YES! You can be the ULTIMATE caregiver to your loved one that THEY NEED you to be.

It all starts with The Ultimate Expectations of Caregiving with LESS Stress and MORE peace course and then applying what you discover, one step at a time.

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