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I am Tena Scallan, your dedicated caregiving strategist, here to guide and support you on your caregiving journey.

About Me

I bring a wealth of experience and passion to caregiving strategy. With a background in In-home care, I am committed to empowering family caregivers like you.

Caregiving Secrets

What I Offer

  • Caregiving Assessments: In-depth analysis of your situation.
  • Strategic Planning: Clear and achievable goals for your caregiving journey.
  • Resource Identification: Navigating and accessing relevant resources.
  • Problem-Solving: Innovative solutions to unexpected challenges.
  • Education and Training: Building your caregiving skills.
  • Advocacy: Ensuring your voice is heard.
caregiving strategist

If you are ready to transform your caregiving experience, let's collaborate! Contact me today to schedule a consultation.

caregiving strategist
  • Rate: $95.00 per hour
  • Minimum Commitment: 5 hours per week

Embark on a strategic and fulfilling caregiving journey. Contact me today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward transformative caregiving.