Are your loved ones
in danger while driving?

What if there were a way to explain, in a loving and caring way, the hazards of not giving up their driver's license while highlighting the benefits of doing so?


The Driver's License Workbook

For only $27 you get all this:

Hazards of not giving up their driver’s license
Key facts about senior drivers
Benefits of giving up their driver’s license
Talking tips
Alternative solutions
Step-by-step instructions

THIS is an all-in-one conversation guide that makes the whole situation just a little easier to handle.

Join the hundreds of other Adult children who
have gotten their parents to stop driving

Take a look at what these adult children said . . .

I was so thankful to find a workbook like this! It helped me convince my father to give up his driver's license. It contained so many great facts, and ways to start the conversation. What a great idea!

Janice McMillan

My dad was so worried that my mothers arthritis would make her wreck the car and wanted me to take to her. Well she refused, until I found the driver's license workbook which gave me valuable insight to explain to my mom.

Susan Becket

Our dad was starting to bump into cars and drive up one-ways, and we knew it would get worse. The driver's license workbook helped us to show our dad that there were better ways to get around.

Williams Family

Driving can be scary after the age of 80!

Do you get nervous when they leave the house?

All the medications can cause drowsiness. 

Memory loss can create significant problems.

Does your parent’s arthritis bother them when driving?

There has to be a better way.


 What if you had specific talking tips that you could go through with your loved ones that focused on giving up their driving license that could be delivered in a patient and kind way?

That’s precisely why I created the perfect solution workbook, How To Talk To Your Parent About Giving Up Their Driver’s License.


> The benefits of giving up their driver’s license mean no more costly expenses.

> The money they will save, they can enjoy on vacations or purchase something more enjoyable.

> And who doesn’t mind getting chauffered around

Can you imaging Feel joyful knowing your loved one is NOT driving and has better options to NOW enjoy their life.

With 25 + years of experience, I have been through this multiple times.


Imagine knowing how safe your loved ones are now!

Your loved ones will thank you in the long run, knowing they have the freedom to go anywhere with better transportation.


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