Are you worried that your loved one's driving is dangerous?

What if there were a way to explain, in a loving and caring manner, the hazards of driving while highlighting the benefits of doing so?

Driver's License

The Driver's License Workbook

Driver's License

For only $27 you get all this:

Hazards of not giving up their driver’s license

Key facts about senior drivers

Benefits of giving up their driver’s license

Stragies for sundowning

Talking tips for your loved ones

Suggestions for alternative transportation

Join the hundreds of other Adult children who
have help their loved ones give up their driver's license!

Knowing that my father will not be driving gave me such peace of mind. Tena's driver's license assessment and workbook helped me so much and super grateful..

My mother refused to stop driving until I convinced her that there was a better alternative to driving. So now she can take an Uber to her appointments and is very happy with the money she is saving.

Driving is a privledge of independence. My parents loved to take sunday drives, until my father almost got into a head on collision . I did not know what to do, until I saw this free assessment. It helped so much.

Take a look at what these adult children said . . .

Knowledge is essential when it come to driving

Do you get nervous when your parents drive?

Is it hard to keep your loved ones from not driving so much?

Are you worried about the side effects of their medications?

Is age-related vision problems a factor in their driving?

There has to be a better way.

 What if you had specific tips and suggestions that you could use to talk to your loved ones about giving up their driver’s licenses that could be delivered in a patient and thoughtful way?
driver's license

That’s precisely why I created the perfect solution workbook, How to Talk To Your Parent About Giving Up Their Driver's License.


> Feeling the joy of knowing your loved one does not have to drive.

> Knowing your loved one has alternatives to driving.

> Being able to come home knowing your loved one is safe and sound.

> Having the right information to have a great conversation.

> The facts and statistics of driving under the influence of certain medications.


Can you imaging Feel joyful knowing your loved one is NOT driving and has better options to NOW enjoy their life.

With 25 + years of experience, I have been through this multiple times.


Imagine knowing how safe your loved ones are now!

Your loved ones will thank you in the long run, knowing they have the freedom to go anywhere with better transportation.


Driver's License

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