Are your loved ones experiencing symptoms of confusion and agitation?

What if there were a way to explain, in a loving and caring manner, the hazards of sundowning while highlighting the benefits of doing so?


The Sundowning Workbook


For only $27 you get all this:

What is sundowning

Why do our loved ones fall prey to sundowning

Possible causes of sundowning

Stragies for sundowning

Tips for the family caregivers to deal with sundowning

Join the hundreds of other Adult children who
have help relieve sundowning!

Take a look at what these adult children said . . .

I knew nothing about sundowning. My dad was always stressed out and very nervous!This workbook was a godsend for my family and me. My dad is now so much better when the sun goes down.

Life is so much calmer now that I fully understand what sundowning is. My mom would pace back and forth when I thought she was sleeping. I would ask what was wrong, and she wound just say "I don't know".

The tips and suggestions in the workbooks helped almost instantly. Thank you so much to the ultimate caregiving expert. Her caregiving tips are so educational, It is a pleasure to have simple solutions.

Knowledge is essential when it come to sundowning

Do you get nervous when the sun goes down?

Is it hard to keep your loved one calm at night?

Memory loss can create significant problems.

Does your loved ones stay active?

There has to be a better way.

 What if you had specific tips and suggestions that you could use for sundowning that could be delivered in a patient and thoughtful way?

That’s precisely why I created the perfect solution workbook, How to Effectively Help with Sundowning.


> Feeling the peace of a calm and happy loved one in the evening.

> Knowing your loved one will get a good night’s sleep.

> Being able to come home with no anger or moodiness.

> Having the right products to help with sundowning.

> Creating the right solutions.


Can you imaging Feel joyful knowing your loved one is NOT not suffering from sundowning and has better options to NOW enjoy their life.

With 25 + years of experience, I have been through this multiple times.

Imagine knowing how calm your loved ones are now!

Your loved ones will thank you in the long run, knowing they will not be having problems when the sun goes down.


Caregiver workbook

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