About The Caregiving Expert

Hi! I’m Tena Scallan and I am a long time business owner & caregiver, dedicating my life to the healthcare field. 

For years, I worked in practically every department of a hospital for 6 years. Then, I was the administrative assistant at a Home Health Agency for 7 years. Finally, starting and running my own homemaker/companion service with 26 incredible men and women for 12 years. We cared for people with all types of illnesses. 

After dedicating my life to helping those in need, I’ve moved online to have even a greater impact.  I gave up my business because of the growing problems in caregiving. And decided to do something about it. I became a private caregiver to see what was lacking in the industry. I was able to have a fresh perspective on both sides of the fence. I now feel that I am knowledgeable enough to teach everyone on everything caregiving. Also, to help caregiving/healthcare professionals with a heavy workload. 

My passion is helping entrepreneurs and I love educating and advising those in the healthcare industry as well as families caring for their aging loved ones and relatives.

Alongside this online business I have published several books and other helpful resources – you can learn more about them here. 

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Tena L. Scallan


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