I want to help children of aging parents and relatives to fix their caregiving problems and help other caregiving professionals with making life better for caregiving.

Hi I’m Tena

I’m a caregiving expert and adviser with 25 + years of experience who can help with the many problems facing today’s home caregiving. I’ve dedicated my life to working in the healthcare field specifically with caregiving.

It’s my passion. I help children that are caring for parents and relatives both near and far

And I’m so happy you’re here.

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What past clients have to say:

Tena entered our lives at the recommendations of the best home health nurse and the best physical therapist January 2016 to June 2016. Tena taught me how to safely give my Mother a shower after a stroke. She took her cues from Mom, how Mom liked to take her clothes off. Tena is sharp, remembering how Mom likes things. Mom likes hot chocolate and muffins, Tena fixed it perfectly. Tena is willing to try new recipes successfully. Mom enjoyed Tena reading to her. Tena took care of Mom with skill, safety, dignity, and honor. Get ready for laughter, Tena enjoys life.


In 2011, I moved my elderly father to live closer to me to help care for him in his aging years. I met Tena Scallan in February 2011 and she and I talked about his care. She and her staff provided elder care for my father from February 2011 to August 2011. During that time he received excellent service, care and just a lot of extra “TLC” from her staff. I couldn’t have been more pleased and my father loved his cargivers as though they were his own family. Thank you Tena for helping me during that time. Regards,

Mary T. Churillo, RN Niceville, Fla.

The Ultimate Compassionate guide to caregiving

I feel that I have a moral obligation to share my product with the world, dedicating my life to helping others in need.  This is a innovative book meant to assist the world with all aspects of daily living.  My mission is to be a strategic partner with the world by establishing a connection with our poor care giving system, relating to a problem, applying my expertise, knowledge and experience, while provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to those challenges facing care giving.

The implementation of my mission involves listening closely to the patients, taking the time to learn about their needs, and understanding their environment.  Through my work with hundreds of patients, I have established a reputation for our capabilities in private and healthcare environments.