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  • cover page arthritis workbook

    Arthritis Workbook

  • cover page for constipation workbook

    Constipation Workbook


    Constipation does not need to be a pain in the butt! Our loved ones are often burdened with this problem.  Check out this workbook to help you figure it all out now.

  • cover page for driver's license workbook

    Driver’s License Workbook


    Seniors are more at risk of injury, and it’s harder for seniors to recover after being injured in an accident. ​Age-related changes to vision, memory, or decision-making may affect driving skills or the quick reaction needed to prevent a crash.​ Here is a workbook to have the hard conversation about giving up their driver’s license.

  • cover page for hoarding workbook

    Hoarding Workbook


    Has your loved one developed a habit of acquiring clutter and thing they do not need?  Here is an excellent workbook to help you find and organize everything to restore peace and harmony.

  • cover page for long distance caregiving workbook

    Long-Distance Caregiving Workbook


    Do you have a loved one that lives over an hour away and needs care?  Here is a workbook to help you with every step to ensure your loved one care is being cared for.

  • cover page for Sensory Deficit Workbook

    Sensory Deficit Workbook


    Do your loved ones have difficulties with one of the primary senses, like touch or taste, or difficulties with multiple senses? As advancing age brings many health problems, the sensory deficit can complicate communication with our loved ones.  Come check this workbook out to find the tips and solutions to help them now.

  • cover page for Separation Anxiety Workbook

    Separation Anxiety Workbook


    What if you can make your loved ones feel at ease when you leave?  Here is the solution to your problem of separation anxiety. Come check it out now.

  • cover page for Sundowning Workbook

    Sundowning Workbook


    Would you love to help your loved one with sundowning?  Here is a detailed action plan to help with the end-of-day sundowning phenomena to give you and your loved ones the peace and calmness of it all.

  • cover page for Traveling with your loved one Workbook

    Traveling with the Elderly Workbook


    Would you love to travel with your more aging loved one?  Here is an excellent workbook to help you plan well in advance, and keeping in mind several tips can help you take your elderly loved one around the world comfortably.

  • cover page for vertigo workbook

    Vertigo Workbook


    Has your loved one suffered from vertigo?  Here is a beautiful workbook that will give you many tips and suggestions to help with it today.  Check it out.