How Bill Cohen A Caregiving Expert Started Caregiving

Bill Cohen

How Bill Cohen became a caregiver 16 years ago, I never could have imagined that I’d be starting a caregiving journey with my late mother, Sheila. Sheila Cohen Springer was a master printmaker specializing in the intaglio technique, an early Mac adopter and user in her 60s, beloved wife, sister, aunt, and my mother. Sheila … Read more

How To Have A Positive Relationship With Your Caregiver

Relationship With Your Caregiver

The relationship with your caregiver A caregiver is a person, who stays with your loved ones for long hours throughout the day. All the small and big needs of your loved ones are taken care of by the caregiver. The hard work of the caregiver and the benefits your senior loved ones get from them … Read more

How To Organize Your Entrepreneurial Life While Caregiving

Entrepreneurial Life

Entrepreneurial Life – Balancing and organizing Your entrepreneurial life does not have to be affected by your caregiving life.  Furthermore, you can accomplish it all without stress or frustration.  Not to mention, many caregivers can find it financially impossible to not do both.  Also, caregiving is a term that addresses many different areas of caring … Read more

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