Top 10 Products To Make Family Caregiving Easier


Products Can Make A World of Difference

It is essential to realize that I have seen it all over the past 25 years of running my home care agency to working in hospitals. Another critical point, caregiving can be overwhelming, and with a few great products, life can be simple. So, here are my top products to make caregiving easier.

Goodnites Mattress Pads

The first thing to remember, many bed pads can bunch up or leak. As a result, I have had the pleasure of trying most bed pads. For this reason, my all-time favorite is Goodnites Mattress Pads. They are generally for children that wet the bed, but they work great for your family and loved ones. Goodnites are very easy to use and are soft on the skin. In addition, the pads are designed to lock in odor and absorb a lot of liquid. Finally, they have four easy-to-remove peel-off strips to stay in place on any sheet. Also, check out this article on bedsores.

Bed Rails

Peace of mind in knowing that your loved one is sleeping soundly and securely. I like The Stander EZ Adjust Bed Rail because it is easy to use and ties under the mattress with no problems. The Stander EZ Adjust Bed Rail is the only length adjustable bed rail in its market. It fits any hospital or home bed and can either be used as half bed handrail assist or be extended to a full-size bed rail for fall protection at night. The collapsible bed rail folds down when not in use and quickly” adj” sts”s “from 26″ to 42” with a button push. Also included are a handy six-pocket organizer pouch for keeping handy items within reach & a dual safety strap for securing the bed rail.

Black and Decker Gizmo Can Opener

Opening a can with arthritis can be very painful and makes cooking depressing. The best can opener for arthritis or when you have no strength in your hands is the Black and Decker Gizmo. Includes power pierce cutter, removable blade, cordless operation, auto-off, hands-free operation, opens big and tall cans, mountable, battery charger, and no-touch lid removal.

This smartly designed appliance is handy and turns opening cans into a hands-free activity that is enjoyable and useful. The opener can go anywhere to simplify carrying a can to a countertop or mounted electric opener. Just clamp the opener onto any size can and let go of the soft-grip top. The opener then goes around the can on its own, shutting off automatically when the can is open. Next, a swing-out magnet lifts the lid free. The opener is lightweight and recharges in a compact, 6-3/4-by-5-1/2-inch plastic charging base that can be mounted on a wall (mounting hardware included), set on the counter, or placed in a drawer. For easy cleaning, the removable, stainless-steel blade is dishwasher-safe.


I have encountered many situations where a hurricane could be used, and I always ensured most of my clients who needed a cane used the cyclone. The storm kept my clients steady from vertigo, weakness, and knee replacements. It is essential to be able to move around to stay active, and the hurricane makes that with the hurricane’s mind. The HurryCane’HurryCane’sbase gives users a point of contact with the cane at all times.

More importantly, the cane maintains constant, full-capacity contact with the ground, providing full-time support at any angle. The SteadiGrip design includes three lightweights, very strong, supportive ‘feet’ that create maximum balance and support, designed explicitly with textured grooves that provide non-skid traction for all-teHurryCane’sities. The HurryCane’s HurryCane’s ergonomic design was inspired by the human hand’s unique physiology, giving unparalleled grip and comfort. In addition, with the HurryCane, users have support when needed; seconds later, it can be folded easily for storage or transport.

St. Ives Skin Renewing Lotion

We only have one skin, and taking care of it as we get older is a pristine’s. As we age, our skin’s collagen depletskin’sking it challenging for our skin to build it back up again. With sun exposure, harsh outside elements, and diet changes, our skin is not as smooth and robust as it once was. I have always been a big believer in lotion. It not only keeps the skin in good condition, but it also makes us feel better. The power of touch is a beautiful thing. This revitalizing formula is a 100% natural moisturizer to smooth skin all day. Layer on once a day, and your skin will thank you.

Biofreeze Gel

Painful muscles, arthritis, and sprains are all part of getting older. But, when you are pain-free, you feel better and happier. I have tried all kinds of pain relief creams, and Biofreeze helps the most. Biofreeze is a topical analgesic that uses the cooling effect of menthol, a natural pain reliever, to soothe minor muscle and joint pain. In addition, it penetrates quickly, offering relief through the cold there. For this reason, it’s especially effective to declare that’s of a cursor in conjunction with hands-on health care such as chiropractic, massage, and physical therapies.

Pill Box

Having your medication in one place and being able to bring it anywhere gives you peace of mind. I have had to travel with medicines in plastic bags and bottles, all disorganized and frustrating. So, of course, when I found this beautiful small to medium-sized, easy-open 7-day travel pillbox, it made life so much easier. This convenient organizer is perfect for arranging medication seven days in advance! Time-of-day compartments make pill management simple & precise. It has a velcro closure to make it easier for anyone to open and close the binder, unlike the snap closures of most other pill cases. It also comes with a durable leather case that provides added privacy. Finally, there also are blank cards inside for emergency contact info.

Grab Bars

I client walk into a client’s home withoutouclient’sing to check for safety. When there is a pote”tial for a fall, a 16″ Suction Grip Assist Bar shou”d be placed. Lock down the two suction cups of the grab bar on a smooth, dry surface for an extra secure hold to a wall, and flip up the safety bar to remove it. Finally, check to ensure they are locked onto any surface to prevent an accident. Here is an article about transfer aids.

Shower Mat

No doubt, a show mat is another safety item that will help prevent falls in the tub, and I have experienced many falls. My all-time favorite mat is the original gorilla grip non-slip shower mat. It is machine washable, mold-resistant, fits any tub or shower, and has an excellent powerful grip.

Bath Chair

I have tried and seen almost every kind of bath chair known to man. The best chair is a sliding transfer bench shower chair for the bathtub or shower. This sliding transfer bench will make transfers from wheelchairs or walkers to the bath or shower much more accessible. All things considered, whether you use it for yourself or to care for a loved one, it increases safety and minimizes back strain—position one side of the bench outside the shower and the other inside. Have the person sit on the seat, and you can easily slide them into the shower. It has a textured plastic seat and back to provide a non-slip surface; the nylon strap locks and holds the heart in p; a durable, able, lightweight aluminum frame, making it easy to lift and move.


The above products will make your caregiving so much easier. Know that I am here to help in any way with your caregiving. Our caregiving solutions can be tailored to your loved one’s needs, whether they live at home or are far away. With The Ultimate Caregiving Expert’s help, you can care for your loved one with compassion and dignity without neglecting yourself. Lastly, my group,, provides many caregiving solutions to help caregivers thrive.



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