How To Give Compassionate Caregiving Properly


Compassionate Family Caregiving Properly

Caregiving – The big three elements of caregiving

EmotionalCaregiving can be very rewarding. But other parts can be overwhelming, angry, confusing and disorganized. In my experience, you need the following
  • Patience’s
  • Grace
  • Tactful Manners
  • Organizational Skill
Physical – Caregiving can be exhausting. But with proper rest and organization, you can overcome anything.
Financial – It can be a scary time, but there are so many resources to help out. Here are some of the places resources can be.
  • Local Hospital
  • Case Management Department
  • Council on Aging
  • Volunteers at the Local Church
  • Financial Planner
Long-term Insurance is the best if you can prepare for the worst.

My journey to writing The Ultimate Compassionate Guide To Caregiving

It started many years ago as an education for my employees. When I moved the business to Florida, Caregiving became more difficult. The rules and regulations were impossible to give proper, tender loving care. I decided to put it into book form for the employees and family caregivers that need help with their loved ones.

How is the healthcare system is failing family caregivers

Healthcare and the caregiving industry are getting to complex. We spend more time with paperwork that we do care and giving TLC. Family members are now having to care about medical procedures that they do not know how to do.
  • Wound Care
  • Medication Management
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Medical Equipment Instruction
  • And much much more

Things you need to know if you are or about to become a family caregiver

Get organized and informed with other family members. Know how you will pay for outside help. Get information on knowing your local state laws on caregiving. Take care of yourself by eating right, exercising and getting enough sleep. Join support groups to keep informed, and most of all are patient and tactful. Here are a few more tips.
  • Keep your physician aware.
  • Ask questions about prognosis.
  • Study up on diagnosis and know what to expect.
  • Keep a list of all medications.
  • Document everything in a notebook.
  • Take care of yourself as well.

Hiring outside help

Sometimes there will come a time to hire outside help for your loved one. This is a very daunting task because you then have to have someone in your home that you do not know. Whether you hire from a private source or from an agency, you must ask questions. When we are ill and do not feel good it is hard for us to be stern with the one that is caring for you. But caregiving should be about tender loving care. Treating the person, as they were caring for themselves when they were healthy. Here are some guidelines.
  • The caregiver has a state and federal criminal background check, done yearly.
  • Ask for references
  • Ask questions about their likes, dislikes, hobbies, education, etc.
  • Be very candid and let the caregiver know your expectations.
  • Make sure the caregiver has the experience and training for the job.
  • Ask the caregiver to provide a copy of a social security card, list of prior home addresses and a resume.

Signs to look for about the quality of care your loved one is receiving

There is never going to be the perfect person to care for our loved ones the way we care for them. But we can get close by having proper communicating skills. Here are some helpful tips to ensure that your loved one is cared for properly.
  • Number one for me is laziness; if the caregiver is sitting and talking or on their phone, it is time for a change.
  • Your loved one is having proper hygiene, meals, home is clean, and your loved one is not left in the bed or alone.
  • Ask the caregiver if there are any problems. Have they noticed any recent changes in your loved one’s health?
  • Ask your loved one if there are any problems with the caregiver or anything they would like to change.
  • If you feel that there is a problem, let the caregiver know in a gentle but firm manner.
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