Life after caregiving

How To Have A Great And Productive Life After Caregiving


Life after caregiving can be overwhelming

My life after caregiving was a mix of emotions! But I knew my loved ones would want me to live the best life after caregiving. After the sadness and grief had become manageable, fear set in. What was I going to do with the rest of my life? I have been out of touch with so much, how do I do this? Do you feel this way?

Caregiving has been very gratifying and taught me a lot, but now what? There is no set timeline to grieve, so allow yourself to feel your feelings. Take your time to physically, emotionally, and mentally get over life after caregiving.

Thinking about my life after caregiving

You must come up with a plan of action to ensure you take the proper steps. While life after caregiving can be fearful, it can be quite exciting. There are so many possibilities for what you can do! Accept where you are and where you want to go. You may think your life is in shambles, but life does not stop for caregiving, life after caregiving can look very different from when you started. You may have a family and they are happy to have their mom and wife back or are single and want to reconnect with friends or try new things. Here is an article that might get you started in the right direction.

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Write everything down

Get a notebook out and write everything down. Then, start a list of what you wanted to do with your life, the possibilities are endless. List things like:

  • Work
  • Go back to school
  • Health
  • Relationship
  • Finances

Do you want to go into a different line of work or start your own business? Would you like to go back to school? There are many affordable online courses available as well. Have you been neglecting your health and need a complete physical? Start off slow and look for affordable options. Do you want to pursue a new relationship? Are your finances in order or do you need to speak with a financial advisor? I can connect you with one if you would like.

Now it is time to set goals

Get a calendar to start putting your goals into play. For each of the categories on your list, write down where you would like to work, or what types of business you may want to start. Would you like to consider furthering your education, list the different types of things you would like to pursue? List the different types of problems you may have with your health and figure out how to fix them. You may want to go to the dentist or get physical. Life after caregiving can be a daunting task but with the proper organization, you can do this.

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Outline the plan of action

For each category you have identified, list one to three things you need to do now, to make your goals a reality. Now that you have a plan of action, here are some suggestions to get you started. Get on the internet, go to the library, make some phone calls. Whatever you need to do to make your goals a reality. Check out this article on “


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