How To Use Thick-It When Having Trouble Swallowing


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What swallowing problems can Thick-it solve?


Swallowing problems can become a significant problem. It is essential to realize that thick-it is a food and beverage thickener. Also, it is a tasteless powder that you add to fluids and food to thicken them. Furthermore, it is used when your loved ones suffer from dysphagia and swallowing disorders. So, if your loved one suffers from dysphagia or swallowing disorders, consider giving them thick-it.

Another critical point is that when added to foods, this powder thickens them, making the food easy to swallow. As a result, people with stroke or neurological damage are given foods with thick-it. Upon the addition of this powder, it becomes pretty easy to feed your loved ones.


Simplify your swallowing with Thick-it


Swallowing can be simple with thick-it. Thick-it is free from gluten, and individuals who exhibit intolerance towards gluten can have it. You can add the powder to hot and cold foods without affecting the product’s taste. Thick-it is a boon for your loved one suffering from a swallowing disorder, dysphagia, or neurological problems. All these conditions significantly restrict the capability of your loved one to eat and swallow food the usual way. Thick-it helps achieve the desired consistency of liquid and solid foods, making it easier for you to feed your loved ones.


Features of Thick-it


Doctors and nutritionists have recommended Thick-it powder since 1987. Hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes use it for efficiently feeding patients with dysphagia and other disorders. The following are some of the valuable features of thick-it. 

  • Dissolves instantly in all types of cold and hot beverages. 
  • It is a tasteless powder and does not alter the actual taste and appearance of the food product. 
  • Easy to digest and does not bind with fluids. 
  • It is also free from gluten.


How to use thick-it


Before using thick-it, read the usage chart on the packaging label. It will help you decide the thick-it to add to the food product. A two-sided scoop comes with it to help you measure the amount of thick-it. Following is a step-by-step guide for using thick-it. • Keep the food product ready in which the thick-it powder needs to add. • Measure the number of scoops of thick-it you want to add. • While adding thick-it powder, keep stirring the mixture briskly to avoid forming lumps. Continue stirring till the entire mixture has dissolved. • Allow the food product to stand for at least 30 seconds – 1 minute to achieve the desired thickness. The product is now ready to serve. • When adding thick-it to milk or other liquids, allow the mixture to stand for at least 5 – 10 minutes. Again, to achieve the desired consistency. 



In addition, they also have thick-it beverages and thick-it ready-to-serve purees. The drinks come in honey consistency, and you can enjoy the way they are or either chilled or heated before use. However, heating or chilling does not alter the taste of the beverages. There are other varieties of thick-it drinks, such as water, apple, cranberry, orange, decaffeinated and regular coffee. Thick-it purees are fully cooked and ready to serve. Reseal the used portion properly and freeze. The puree is made from natural food ingredients and tastes great. There are more than 15 varieties of thick-it purees to choose from. I have used this product for many years, which has been a blessing. Finally, another article about feeding your loved one can also help.

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