Tena L. Scallan|My first home care client

My First Home Caregiving Client


Tena L. Scallan|My first home care client

Mr. William and Mrs. Betty were my first home care clients

Mr. William was a retired veteran. Mrs. Betty was a housewife that raised four kids, that were grown and all living out of state. Secondly, she did much volunteering for the community.

Mr. William came home from a round of golf to find his wife unconscious on the kitchen floor. Without delay, he hurried and called 911. Suddenly, they rushed her to the hospital and quickly had to perform brain surgery for an aneurysm. Unfortunately, the aneurysm popped suddenly, and she stopped breathing on the table. Under those circumstances, she survived and went into a coma for several weeks.

Adjusting When Tragedy Strikes

With this in mind, she needed 24-hour care around the clock. Given all that had happened, Mr. William was devastated and did not know what to do. For this reason, he called and asked me to come to the hospital to help him sort through the madness. Despite everything she had been through, she awoke with little brain function. And without delay, released from the hospital to the local rehab facility. In the final analysis, after two months in Rehabilitation, the social workers wanted her to go into a facility. As a result, Mr. William insisted she come home.

On the positive side, I hired home health for Nurses, OT, and PT. Secondly, I provided the clock CNAs. As a result, for the next year, we cared for Mrs. Betty with her Aneurysm. I had six CNAs go in and assist with all aspects of daily living in three shifts while rotating on the weekends with tender loving care. It was difficult for Mr. William to get used to the new normal. His beautiful wife of 43 years was unable to talk or get out of bed.

Making Caregiving Part of Daily Life

We became his new family and cared for him, and his home like Mrs. Betty did before her illness. He explained how she baked cookies for the neighborhood children and the local church. So we did the same; he taught me how to make cookies from a cake mix that was so heavenly and came in a multitude of flavors. He explained how she did everything in their lives, and we tried our best to accommodate his wants and wishes.

I would come by every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to assist everyone. I would help Mr. William with bookkeeping and other miscellaneous duties to keep his sanity intact. I would also cook his favorite meals for the weekends. I would do this so my girls could concentrate on giving Mrs. Betty tender loving care.

On Monday morning, I came by to find Mr. William in his office, in good spirits and was happy to see me. He hugged, sat me down, and thanked me for the fantastic job my caregivers and I was doing caring for him and his wife. Then, he asked me to stay and have breakfast with him. We ate eggs benedict that I had prepared for everyone in the house. After breakfast, I was off to see my other clients and gave him a big hug.

When the Time Comes

Tuesday at 3:45 am, I received a frantic phone call from my employee Marie. She had heard a loud noise from Mr. William’s room. She found him on the floor when she went to check on him. She hurried and called 911. But unfortunately, he’d already passed away. He had passed from a massive heart attack before the paramedics could arrive.

Mrs. Betty did not even know or could realize that he’d passed away. Her daughter came to get her, and they moved her to their home. Unfortunately, on August 8, 2003, she passed away. They will always be in my heart for teaching me such valuable lessons.


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