How I Effectively Became A Caregiver And Started My Care Career


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My care journey

My care journey started long ago when I was ten years old.  My mother was in poor health, and I was in and out of hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other health facilities.  When I was of age, I became a candy striper at the local hospital and decided that this was the path I wanted to take for my career.  Caring for others has been a wonderful experience and taught me my compassion and passion.  I received my degree in medical administration at Nunez college back in 1991.
I first entered this field when Humana Hospital hired me, and I spent six years working in multiple departments. Eventually found my true passion in caregiving and took a position as an administrative assistant at a Home Health Agency, where I remained for seven years. The next step of my journey was to start my own homemaker/companion service with 26 incredible men and women and run it for 12 years. In the process, my mother was in and out of the hospital with poor health and passed in 2001. Then I cared for my uncle until his passing in 2014 and my father in 2018. To say that helping others feels rewarding is an understatement.

Why did I start my website

I started my website,, because I have a passion for helping and caring for others, particularly those who are elderly, disabled, or otherwise in need of assistance. The personal experience I have witnessed has been challenging but rewarding. Starting this website helps me dedicate myself to caregiving and can be a way to share my knowledge and expertise with others struggling to care for a loved one.

Another reason is to start my website to create a brand around caregiving. As the population ages, the demand for caregiving services will likely increase, and starting a website lets me continue focusing on caregiving. I can be an expert and build a brand around my expertise. By doing this, I am making a valuable contribution to society and potentially improving the lives of those most in need of care and support.

My first home care client

Mr. William was a retired veteran. Mrs. Betty was a housewife that raised four kids, that were grown and all living out of state. Secondly, she did a lot of volunteering for the community. Mr. William came home from a round of golf to find his wife unconscious on the kitchen floor. Without delay, he hurried and called 911. Suddenly, they rushed her to the hospital and quickly had to perform brain surgery for an aneurysm. Unfortunately, the aneurysm popped suddenly, and she stopped breathing on the table. Under those circumstances, she survived and went into a coma for several weeks.

Adjusting to care when tragedy strikes

With this in mind, she needed 24-hour care around the clock. Given all that had happened, Mr. William was devastated and did not know what to do. For this reason, he called and asked me to come to the hospital to help him sort through the madness. Despite everything she had been through, she awoke with little brain function. And without delay, released from the hospital to the local rehab facility. In the final analysis, the social workers wanted her to enter a facility after two months in Rehabilitation. As a result, Mr. William insisted she comes home.

On the positive side, I hired home health for Nurses, OT, and PT. Secondly, I provided around-the-clock CNAs and all her products for care. As a result, for the next year, we cared for Mrs. Betty with her Aneurysm. I had six CNAs assist with all aspects of daily living in three shifts while rotating on the weekends with tender loving care. It was difficult for Mr. William to get used to the new normal. His beautiful wife of 43 years was unable to talk or get out of bed.

Making caregiving part of daily life

We became his new family and cared for him and his home like Mrs. Betty did before her illness. He explained how she baked cookies for the neighborhood children and the local church. So we did the same; he taught me how to make cookies from a cake mix that was so heavenly and came in a multitude of flavors. He explained how she did everything in their lives, and we tried our best to accommodate his wants and wishes.

I would come by every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to assist everyone. I would help Mr. William with bookkeeping and other miscellaneous duties to keep his sanity intact. I would also cook his favorite meals for the weekends. I would do this so my girls could concentrate on giving Mrs. Betty tender, loving care.

On Monday morning, I came by to find Mr. William in his office, in good spirits, and was happy to see me. He hugged, sat me down, and thanked me for the fantastic job my caregivers, and I was doing caring for him and his wife. Then, he asked me to stay and have breakfast with him. We ate eggs benedict that I had prepared for everyone in the house. After breakfast, I was off to see my other clients and gave him a big hug.

When the time comes

Tuesday at 3:45 am, I received a frantic phone call from my employee Marie. She had heard a loud noise from Mr. William’s room. She found him on the floor when she went to check on him. She hurried and called 911. But unfortunately, he’d already passed away. He had passed from a massive heart attack before the paramedics could arrive. Mrs. Betty did not even know or could realize that he’d passed away. Her daughter came to get her, and they moved her to their home. Unfortunately, on August 8, 2003, she passed away. They will always be in my heart for teaching me such valuable lessons.

What do I do?

I provide caregiving solutions for family caregivers! I have worked with hundreds of clients and have established myself in private and healthcare environments.

Who are my clients?

I help educate family caregivers to become The Ultimate Caregivers with caregiving solutions by:

Get Answers – Based on 25 years of caregiving experience.
Get Support – Provide practical help for every aspect of caregiving.
Get A Plan – Come up with clear insight for your specific situation.

Why does it work?

Like many caregivers, you didn’t plan to be taking care of your loved one right now. As a result, you are unprepared to juggle it all while trying to manage your stress and emotions. Whether you’re caring for a loved one in your own home or from afar, I am here to help. As a caregiving expert, I will show you how to care for your loved one with compassion and dignity without neglecting yourself in the process.

What makes me different?

I connect our flawed caregiving system and overwhelmed family caregivers to provide a unique approach with my many caregiving secrets. I relate to a problem and am passionate and knowledgeable about fixing it. I am morally obligated to share my experience with the world, dedicating my life to helping others in need.

Caregiving Consulting

Caregiving can be challenging, frustrating, and highly stressful!

Most caregivers can’t afford the luxury of stepping away from their daily responsibilities. Taking time out to regroup does not exist in their world.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

  • Find peace in caregiving by tapping into resilience, joy, and radical forgiveness.
  • Would you love to give care with expertise and confidence?
  • Are you managing your loved one’s daily activities in an organized and structured way?
  • Following a proven caregiving system that provides for your loved one’s needs while giving you peace of mind.

I will tailor the sessions to your specific needs to:

  • Explore strategies
  • Determine your immediate needs by providing focus and clarity.
  • Develop a wellness plan to boost your caregiving journey.
  • Ensure that systems are incorporated into your caregiving journey through regular check-ins.

The Ultimate Caregiving Expert Consulting offers tools, services, and resources to give you a fresh, objective perspective on caregiving. This will help enhance your caregiving journey if you feel confined, overwhelmed, or hopeless in the role of caregiver.

Additional Education

Education in caregiving refers to acquiring the knowledge, skills, and understanding necessary to provide care for individuals who require assistance with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, eating, and grooming. This education can be obtained through formal programs or on-the-job training and experience. Education in caregiving aims to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide high-quality, compassionate care for those in need.

Caregiving can be challenging, frustrating, and highly stressful!

But . . . it doesn’t have to be that way.

Imagine . . .

  • Giving care with expertise and confidence
  • Managing your loved one’s daily activities in an organized and structured way
  • You follow a proven caregiving system that provides for your loved one’s needs while giving you peace of mind.

If the above sounds like what you need and have been searching for desperately . . . Then you need to enroll in The Ultimate Secrets to Caregiving with LESS Stress and MORE peace course!


Compassionate Caregiving

What are others saying?

Albert and Cynthia Kovatch said: You came to my family’s rescue five years ago. My wife’s aunt was in the hospital and need of 24-hour care. Aunt Pearl wanted to stay in her own home. We arranged with you to do that. The nurse at the hospital highly recommended your service. I researched you and other providers, and you were our first choice. You set up 24-hour care for Pearl. That care continued for five years until Pearl’s passing at age 93. On behalf of my wife and I, we thank Tena Scallan and her company Independent Living Services, Inc., for the love and care provided to Pearl. You can read more in my testimonials.

How does it work?

I get it -caring for a loved one can feel overwhelming. But you can get the support you need to make the most of this! The Ultimate Caregiving Expert can show you how to care compassionately for your loved one, regardless of the situation.

Ready to talk?

Schedule your complimentary planning session today to give yourself and your loved one a gift that services both of you—the advantage of your love and attention without the stress and confusion of dealing with the unknown. Feel free to connect with me here on LinkedIn, drop me a line at Info@theultimatecaregivingexpert, or visit me online at


Caring for a loved one is essential for several reasons. First, it allows us to show compassion and support for those who matter most to us. It demonstrates that we are willing to sacrifice and put their needs before our own. Second, caring for a loved one can strengthen our relationships and create deeper bonds of trust and understanding. Third, it can provide a sense of purpose and meaning in our lives as we positively impact someone else’s well-being. Fourth, it can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience that brings a sense of personal growth and development. Finally, caring for a loved one can also have practical benefits, such as reducing healthcare costs and improving their overall quality of life. Caring for a loved one is a crucial aspect of our relationships and overall well-being.


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Caregiving can be challenging, frustrating, and highly stressful!

But it doesn’t have to be that way . . . I can help.

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