Music Therapy

How To Use Music Therapy That Will Effectively Help Now

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Music therapy for stress and relaxation

Music therapy is an excellent way to relax the mind and ease anxiety. It is excellent for our loved ones and can keep them occupied for hours. While it is for all age groups, it is particularly beneficial for our loved ones. Keeping in mind the challenges they are having with poor physical, emotional, and mental health. Dealing with this day out and being careful not to irritate their condition any further can cause strain on you, as the caregiver.
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Study of music therapy

In a study conducted by the Stanford School of Medicine. With about 30 seniors diagnosed with depression and aged 80 and above. It showed that when they listened to music therapy once a week. They appeared to be less distressed, less anxious and showed higher self-esteem at the end of the study period. In yet another study, that the cognitive, as well as the neural benefits of it, stays throughout life. Helping to neutralize some of the unwanted effects of aging such as hearing and memory loss.
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Music improves mental clarity

When we hear music, it not only perks up the cognitive abilities. But also has a positive effect on the emotional space, which is of particular benefit to the seniors. Yes, it is certainly helpful for not only improving the mental health of our loved ones. But it is also known to improve their overall health. The importance of music therapy benefits, and the ways of incorporating it into the lives of your loved ones, we will learn here.
music therapy

Benefits of music

We have used music therapy for many years to treat various forms of diseases. Furthermore, music therapy is wonderful for the senior population. Scientific research has shown that music therapy is extremely beneficial for our loved ones. And more so for those who are suffering from dementia. Take a look below to learn more about the benefits of it.
  • Say goodbye to stress with music

It has an excellent impact on the stress levels of our loved ones. Research has proven that it is helpful in calming down our loved ones when agitated. In addition, it is also helpful in reducing anxiety levels and it promotes relaxation. So, if you want to calm your loved one, play them their favorite song from those times, when they were young. Soft numbers such as jazz or even doo-wop have shown to do wonders in calming an agitated person.
  • Music is beneficial for the mind

Seniors who listen to it almost every day, are much happier than those who do not and a happier outlook towards life. And are less likely to suffer from emotional turmoil. Also, listening to music on a regular basis has also found to improve communication. Especially, in seniors with Alzheimer’s and other dementia diseases.
  • Music improves health

Research has proven that it has a drastic improvement in the health of our loved ones. Seniors who listen to music regularly, are able to sleep better throughout the night. It also reduces the pain and improves the recovery from a particular disease. A study done by Finnish researchers proved that. When seniors who suffered a stroke, listened to music every day. Had improved verbal skills over a short period of time.
  • Music enhances memory

Music is also known to improve the memory of our seniors. And more so for those who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. When a senior listens to music, particularly the one that holds emotional value to the listener. It stimulates the frontal cortex part of the brain. This part of the brain is commonly referred to as the memory maker.
  • Ways to incorporate music into the life of your seniors

It becomes clear that music is essential for the well being of your senior loved ones. So, making all possible efforts, to bring back music into their lives is important. The following simple tips can be of some help:
  • Learn about the type and style of music your seniors love

The internet has almost all songs, from all eras, and you just need to select the ones your loved ones like. Create a playlist of the songs and play them for your loved one.
  • You can also take your seniors to a live concert in your city
  • Teach your loved ones YouTube
Make them internet savvy, so that they can listen to their favorite music at their own will. By teaching them YouTube they can watch the live concerts of their favorite artists. They can even watch videos of their favorite songs.
  • Encourage your loved ones to play musical instruments

By doing so, there will be a significant improvement in their self-esteem. And it will also boost their overall health. Various studies carried out on the benefits of music, state that when our loved ones practice their hobbies such as listening to music or playing musical instruments. It lowers their blood pressure and also has a healing effect on their body.
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Exercise while you listen to music

Move your body while you listen to your favorite song is recommended by experts all across the globe. This is one of the best ways to exercise for our loved ones. Getting our loved ones to exercise regularly is not easy and we need to push them to at least walk for a few minutes. However, it will be easier for us to get our loved ones to exercise, once we play their favorite music. Yes, this has a powerful impact on their mood levels, and it becomes much easier to get their bodies moving. The boredom or reluctance to exercise seems to vanish once you play the music.
Furthermore, various studies have shown that when exercising while listening to music it has many benefits.

Additional benefits of music with exercise

  • Improvement in restoring the body’s balance
  • Significant reduction in the risk of falling
  • Boost memory
  • Improves flexibility
  • Reduces stress
  • Diminishes depression
  • Helps your heart


Our loved ones are at a higher risk of falls as compared to other age groups. Contributing to poor balance and other health issues. Statistics have shown that, after the age of 65 years, about 33% of seniors are at risk of falling at least once a year. As the poor balance is the reason that tops the risk factor list. Exercise is the only way to improve and restore the body’s balance. Music therapy has such amazing and beautiful benefits. Let us make life easier and beautiful for our loved ones, by gifting them the benefits of music. For more information. check out this site. Also, check out my post on the benefits of having a pet for our loved ones.
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Music Therapy

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